16 March 2014

Change Gmail Password

Change the Password in GmailGmail is the most popular mailing service available on the current web.It is provided by google.Gmail basically have two version for their user depending onto their intrenet speed,Basic HTML view for the slow internet connection user and standard view for the fast internet connection user.So many people use this service for various purpose,like official purpose,business purpose and also casual purpose.Now what if your gmail account got hacked someday?Then you have to change existed password of your gmail account immediately.If you don't know the way you can't do that.Else if you just wished to change the existed password of gmail account then also you need to know the way to change the password.So,here today we're going to provide you the way to change your gmail account password easily for both versions.So let's move onto the below tutorial part.

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Change Gmail Password in Basic HTML view

  • Open Gmail.Com. Write Username and Password and press enter. 
  • After you have Pressed the enter button.
Based on your internet speed Gmail will automatically detect which view is suitable for your browser. If your internet speed is low then it will show an option in lower right side Loading standard view | Load basic HTML (for slow connections) . So, If it is not loading the standard view for say 30 seconds it means you have to Click on Load basic HTML and then it will open your Gmail in Basic HTML view. 

  • After Opening in Basic HTML view, Click on Settings on the top right bar.
  • After Clicking it will open Settings Page. 
  • Then Click on Account Tab and see the second last option called Google Account settings. 
You will See a message like:

"Visit your Google Account settings to reset your password, change your security question, or learn about access to other Google services"

  • Then Click on Google account setting links and it will open your My Account Page in new browser window. 
  • Next in the top Middle of the page, you will see an option of Change Password. So, Click on this option then enter your old password or answer of your secret question and then enter new password two times and click on save button. 
That's it,now your Password is successfully changed.

Change Gmail Password in Standard view

  • Open Gmail and Login with your username and password. Wait until the browser opens the Gmail in standard view. 
  • Now, Click on Setting Option and it will open your setting page in Gmail Standard view. 
  • Now Click on Accounts and Import tab in setting page and see the last option Change account settings. 
  • Now, You have to do the same as told for Basic HTML View. Click on Change Account setting link then click on change password and then change your Gmail Password.

So your new  password is now saved.

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Hope this tutorial will help you and you'd like it as well.Stay with us for more such posts.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. I change my password every three months and activated the mobile verification for higher security purposes. thanks for sharing

  2. I'll try this tutorial for GMail and thank you for posting this article.

  3. This is very helpful in managing google account especially when the account is compromised.

  4. I already change my password on gmail months ago so I actually forgot the process. Haha