1 March 2014

Google Being Doodled

Google Being Doodled   Are you a funny guy?Love to make and have some fun on internet then why don't let's have some fun With Google and Let's do some Doodle With it. Google is the most Advanced and Best Search Engine with Alexa Ranking #1.Let's play with it.

After opening Google home page you have to type the following keyword and then click to "I'm feeling lucky" button as shown in the above picture.Then you'll get some amazing things.

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  •  Google Gravity :  This will make the google homepage as a zero Gravity zone.You can also move the texts with your mouse and spread them all over the screen. 

  • Google Loco:This will make you see  dancing Google tab.
  • Google Gothic:This will make you see a burning Google tab
  • Google Pacman:This will create a pacman game for you to play in Google tab.
  • Google Guitar:This will create a guitar to play in Google tab.You can play and hear it's sound too.
  • Google Sphere: This will make all the words on the Google homepage move is a circulatory motion. 

  • Annoying Google: It might or not annoy you but this trick will convert the alphabets in Upper Case and Lower Case randomly

  •  Epic Google: This Trick will increase the size of the text and will keep it increasing and atlast it will move out of your screen 

  • Who's the cutest ?: Want to know who's the cutest person on this earth ? then for sure give it a try . Just type- Who's The Cutest?

  •  Google Pirate: Take a Cool Look At the Pirated Google Just type:- Google Pirate and Then click on I'm Feeling Lucky

  •  Google Hacker: Want to know How will google look when Hacked ??? Then have a look at the situation . Just type - Google Hacker and Then click on I'm Feeling Lucky.

  •  Google  Rainbow: This will create a rainbow effect on the Google Pages. It's a bit annoying as texts are hard to read using this trick.  Just type- Google Rainbow and then click on I'm Feeling Lucky 

  • Google Reverse: This will take you to a new Google, Where everything is in a reverse oder of the google Homepage. Just type- Google Reverse and then click on I'm Feeling Lucky 

  • Google Barrel: Just Type- do a barrel roll and click on I'm feeling lucky . Then did the goofle had a barrel roll  Facebook Twitter Goo

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  1. Yes, I am a funny girl and love that suggestion, especially Google rainbow! :) But the answer to the question Who's the cutest? is so obvious: of course it's me!

  2. Among those in the list, I only know of Google Pacman. Wow, I have to try these! My sister would be fond of these as well. :)

  3. I just tried it out. This is so cool.

  4. Cool. I'm feeling lucky button makes searching google more fun. :)