8 March 2014

Hide Active Windows

Hide Active windows
Hope almost everyone must have experience the situation like you are doing some private work on your pc or laptop and suddenly someone enters in your room and you have to close your unfinished work cause you can't minimize as the person entered is quit smart to see your minimize window. When he/she leaves your room, you again have to restart your work from where just you stopped. Don’t you think it'll take time to search again the file on the pc and top of that you must remember from where you have to continue.
These efforts can be reduce by simply using a freeware software called “UltraHide”  that will not only hide your files but also put password without which you cannot reopen the same window at least from desktop.So let's see how to use it into your system.

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Steps to Follow

  • After you have install ‘UltraHide’ on your system by downloading from the above provided source link launch it and set password or click on ‘Hide UltraHide To The Tray’ to set default password as ‘123’.You can take the help of below screenshot as help.

  • After clicking on the ‘Hide UltraHide To The Tray’ you'll be able to see that this application will appear in System tray directly(see the below screenshot).

  • Now while doing some work if you wish to hide you current active window then just hold “Ctrl+Alt+Space” key simultaneously  and you're all done.

You can see the below screenshot of system tray where one PDF file is hidden using ‘UltraHide’.

  • Now if you wish to reopen this hidden file then just double click on the icon shown above an enter password as ‘123’ as you have set default password. And you're done.

It is a real smart tool that can be use in number of way, like it can protect you from being caught doing things that you are not supposed to do. Yes, you read it right, a tool for ‘bad guy’.

NOTE:If you're playing some music, video then it will hide the music or video window but not sound so make sure too mute the sound of your player first else you'll get caught.

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If you've not already used this tool then we must recommend you to use it as per it is a great privacy protection tool.Eagerly waiting to hear your response about this.
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  1. Yes, this is true and it's happening in real life. Thanks for posting this awesome tutorial.

  2. Yes, I need this! But I'm not a bad guy ah haha. This software is for free, right?

    1. There is both free and pro versions available for this software.

  3. I should look into it :-D Thanks for sharing :-D

  4. This can really help unclutter the view pan of Windows.