18 March 2014

How To Protect Your CPU USB Ports

protect cpu usb ports
Maybe sometime you don’t wish some people to use your CPU for any purpose and this is sure that if he/she is using your CPU then he/she will definitely use your USB Port to transfer data from your Computer and you even can’t give any Excuse to him/her, but you don’t wish him/her to use your pc,so here we're going to share with you an interesting trick about blocking your CPU USB ports from unwanted people,the trick you can simply use and you will definitely have a solid reason to refuse him/her from using your Personal PC.So let's move onto the  tutorial part.

Steps to Follow

  • First Go to Start  and then Select Run application
  • When Run window appear type“regedit” and click on OK button.As per the screenshot below.

  • Next Give administrator permission if ask else go to next step.
  • Now Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE follow by SYSTEM –> CurrentControlSet–>services

As per the screenshot below.

  • After that In service tab scroll down to select USBSTOR..

As per the screenshot below.

  •  Next just Double Click on “Start” which appear on right side…

  • A window will appear in which make sure that Hexadecimal Radio Button is selected.As per the screenshot below.

  •  Then change that value of “value data” in text box from 3 to 4 and click on OK button…

  • Now almost everything is set and you can try inserting you PenDrive in USB Port ……. Congratz………. USB Port don’t accept your Pendrive….

As per the screenshot below.

If you wish to unblock your USB Port for your personal use simply follow same procedure right from step bottom to top and change value of “value data” in text box from 4 to 3 and click on OK button.

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That's it.Now, you can use your USB Port for your personal view.We have tried this trick in windowsXP, windows 7, windows 8.If it also works on any other windows version do share the information with us through the comment box below.Thanks for visiting.

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  1. This really helps in securing your computer from users just plugging in USB which are unsecured.

  2. You have lots to post with this kind of article that's useful for me and to all. Thank you.

  3. The steps are pretty easy to follow but I never knew that this could be so technical.

  4. This is helpful! But I'm just wondering, does it also work in Mac?