5 March 2014

Optimize Android battery Life


Optimize Android battery Life

Android is become the most popular mobile device available in the market.It have some huge fans out there,but as per other smart phones android  mobiles do have a battery life problem.As it enables you to acess multiple tasking like listening music,playing games,online downloading etc.It will make your battery life into high risk.So to overcome this there is a great software named Easy Battery Life,which will help you to optimize the battery life.

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Steps to Follow

  • At first get it from here.
  • Next open battery info screen and choose and there will be normal mode this is default optimization mode but it not perform any optimization for your battery. Now below normal mode there will be General, intelligent, super  power saving modes. To know which mode perform which type of optimization choose view to know details of each mode. Then select tap to apply changes.
optimize android battery life

  • To know which function is currently using your battery switch to consumption option it will display how your battery used.
optimize android battery life

That's it.You just learned a simple but useful tricks today.To get more such updates stay tuned with us through our social networking fan pages.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. Nice tutorial. I can now optimize my android battery. I can now use my android phone longer. Thanks.


  2. I use this app too!!
    It's the best one so far.


  3. battery life is always a problem with smart phones. this tutorial is very helpful indeed! thanks!

  4. thanks for the tips. Android users will definitely benefit from this