22 March 2014

Remove Feed Links from Blogger

You can already saw in many Blogger templates there is a "subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link, so that the blog visitors can subscribe to the Atom feeds. Considering the fact that many readers use RSS for their blog feeds, many of you could find this link pretty useless. Moreover it occupies space at the bottom of the template and it doesn't look nice at all. In this case you might want to remove it and wish to provide a professional look onto your blog.So here we're going to provide the tricks to remove it in a easy way.

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Remove Feed Links

There are actually two methods to remove it.One by deleting feed link and other by adding some css code.

1. Method 1

  • Login to your Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML (click on Proceed button if needed)
  • Search for  '<b:include data='feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/>' and remove it.
  • Now save it and you're done
2. Method 2
  • Login to your Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML (click on Proceed button if needed)

  • Search for </b:skin> and expand it by clicking the arrow
  • Then paste the below code above ]]></b:skin> code tag

.feed-links { display:none !important; }

    • Now save it and you're done
    That's it you're all done.Now take a look to your blog and see whether it's working fine or not.If not then do contact us through the below comment box for help.Stay tuned for more such upcoming tutorial.
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    1. Ohhh should've have seen this when I was still on blogspot. This will be very helpful to blogspot users! :)

    2. Thanks for this info. Bookmarked!

    3. Wow, very helpful! I would forever be checking your blog if i need guidance to do stuffs on my blog! I'm very bad at technical thingy >.<