7 March 2014

Run Android Apps on Windows PC

Run Android Apps on WindowsInterested in Android? You don’t have to buy a device or go to a physical electronics store to try it out. You can run individual Android apps and play with the latest versions of the Android operating system on Windows. So do you want to know How to Download Android Apps for PC.These are Android emulators for PCs.Whether you want to try Android before you buy, experiment with the latest version of Android or sync apps between your Android device and your PC, these Windows programs have you covered.

Here we're mentioning all the ways to run android apps on your windows pc.

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Bluestacks offers a free android app player for windows and mac OS to install and run android apps on pc. Most of the people install android application on their pc using Bluestacks method, because it’s easy. So here are the steps to run android applications on windows pc using Bluestacks.

  • Download Bluestacks app player from their site.
  • After downloading, Start installation.
  • In case if you are not using graphics card, then while installation, you might get a pop-up box warning. Don’t worry just click “OK” installation will not terminate.
  • Soon after installation, a screen like following screenshot will appear.

bluestacks app player

  • Now click on App Stores icon to access android application markets like Get Jar, Amazon App store and 1Mobile.
  • Click on any of the app market then search and install android apps on windows OS.

Official Android installer

This is a great alternative for Bluestacks to install android apps on pc. This is an official android emulator to install android apps on pc. Beside this, official android emulator let you run android apps on windows, Linux and mac OSX. Here is a detailed guide on how to run android apps on windows using official android emulator.

  • Download android official emulator from here
  • Now install the program and a screen like below will appear.

official android emulator

  • Now, Check mark on the latest version of android then click on install packages.
  • After installation, Open your web browser and download any of your favorite android application's .apk file and copy it to where you have installed the android SDK.
  • Now open, the android SDK Windows from android virtual manager. 
  • Now click on New and click on the path and paste the path, where you had copied the files.

Android SDK

  • After this click on start and it will ask about screen settings after that it will start.
  • Now open command prompt on your windows machine and paste the path to your android SDK and press enter.
  • After that, Write this command cd android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\ on command prompt and press enter.
  •  Now type adb -e install -r yourapp.apk  ,where yourapp is your application name and press enter.
  • Once done, the android application will start running on your pc.


You can also install android apps on windows pc using Youwave application player. Youwave is a free android application emulator to run android apps on pc. The best thing about this emulator is that, you can play multiplayer games with it. It supports Android 4.0 ICS and works fine on operating systems like windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 and windows vista. 
You can download youwave from here. after that Install youwave and run android apps on pc.

Android’s openness allows developers to create applications like these, which is awesome — no similar solutions are available if you want to try out iPhone or iPod apps on Windows. Still, there are some limitations ,performance isn’t as good as it is on real hardware, for one.
Remember that Android wasn’t designed for the mouse. Android devices support mice and keyboards, but they’re really designed for touch. It’s like using Modern Windows 8 apps with a mouse .Microsoft has said they’re “touch first” and they certainly feel like it.However, you may even be able to install Android on an old netbook you have lying around, it’s worth a try if you aren’t getting much use out of that netbook anyway.

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Have you tried running Android emulators for your PC? Which app worked best for you? Leave a comment and let us know!
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  1. OmiGosh!! I've been looking for this! I have lots of apps that I want to run in my pc but the programs I downloaded kept on asking me to connect my pc to my mobile. This is sooooo useful. Thanks a lot!

  2. Very nice of you to post this article 'cause I'll recommend these apps to the children.

  3. Are all Android applications compatible with BlueStack? It's great to know that we are also able to view them via Windows PC.

  4. Running android apps on WIndows PC gives you more option on navigation.