2 March 2014

Speed Up Your Android Smartphone


 Options You Can Choose To Boost Android RAM

  • Balance – To get the most out of your Android smartphone’s RAM in day-to-day use.
  • Balance(with more free memory) – If you are using RAM less than 512MB then it is the right option for you to choose for daily use.
  • Balance(with more multi-tasking) – Suitable for those users, who love to use multiple apps simultaneously.
  • Hard Gaming – For hardcore gamer to smoothen the graphics and overall gaming experience.
  • Hard-Multitasking – Heavy users busy with few RAM hogging apps at the same time, select this option to get the best performance out of your smartphone RAM.

This Android app has some in-built options upon selecting which will set your preferences and other settings to default one. Default settings works great on some of the handsets manufacturer including Samsung, LG, HTC etc. As per now, this settings doesn't support every smartphone, but there’s a default button that will set your RAM settings to default one, the one you had just before using the app.

Required Things To Use RAM Manager Pro

  • A Rooted Android Smartphone.
  • Your Android smartphone should have Android OS v2.1 and above to try this Android app.It also works on Android OS v4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich too.
  • The Android app – RAM Manager Pro (paid), also available in free version too, but with fewer options.
Use this apps to boost up the speed of your Android Smartphone’s RAM to get most out of it and do share your experience about this apps through the below comment box.Be with us for more such updates.You can get connected to us with our social networking fan pages.Thanks for visiting.
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  1. So is the price for the full paid version of Manager Pro affordable?

  2. Thanks for these tips, I almost never use the space on my Android based phone, I used to download lots of apps before but not anymore, I guess I have enough of those for a while.

  3. This is very informative! Thank you for sharing! No wonder my apps usually crash, its because other apps are open all at once.

  4. My Android phone has been running pretty slow. Will make sure to download this app, the free version for now! Haha. Thanks for this!

  5. Awww..too bad I'm on IOS. :( but im sure this is a big help to all android users ;)