19 March 2014

Windows XP ShutDown Shortcut


While using windows xp as our operating system on our pc,we all get to know how to shut it down.But very few of us know the shortcut way to shut in down within seconds.Sometimes we may not have enough time to shut it down properly so it would be great if we could know the shortcut way,which will also save our some time and doesn't make any harm to our system.So here we'll going to learn the way how to make windows shutdown shortcut in windows xp.So let's move onto the tutorial part below.

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Steps to Follow

  • First Right click on your desktop.Click "NEW" and then select "SHORTCUT".

  • Then create shortcut wizard will appear and a box will appear asking for the location of the shortcut,just there type the below location along with the command just like  %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00

  • After that lick on "Next" and give a name to your shortcut when you are prompted.

Now a shortcut will be placed on the desktop and whenever you click on this shortcut your computer will shutdown automatically closing all applications.

Reason Behind It

The -s operator is a command for windows shutdown and -f operator forces all application to shut down without prompting to do so.I

If you use the command  -s-f -t 100 -c "your message here" instead of only -s -f -t 00   it will wait for 100 seconds before getting  shutdown and displays your message whatever you have wrote in that field.Here the -t operator is for time specification and -c operator is for message specification.

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So now you just got the way to make shutdown shortcut in your xp.Now it'll surely help you to save some of your valueable time.If you're still unable to do that just use the comment section for instant help.
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  1. Very nice trick. Now i can shut down my computer easily and fast.

  2. I love this idea and I will definitely make use of this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is helpful to those using windows xp. I was using Windows XP Prof before, but now I've changed to Windows 8 Pro. Can I use this too?

  4. I like using the shortcut keys since it's more efficient.

  5. This is interesting but even more interesting is how you get these ideas. Did you try them out and discover them yourself?

  6. Should have known this when I was in college. Makes everything easier, I guess. I'm running a Windows 8 now. Maybe, you have a Win 8.1 version?