6 April 2014

How to Run Whatsapp on PC

WhatsApp messanger is the most popular messaging app till now. It lets you to send unlimited free messages, images, videos to your friends to using their contact numbers. Users can create groups, use lots of emoticons/emoji while chatting and the best thing is, the app is add-free and free for first year. It has grown very popular and over 465 million people uses this amazing app.

So, most of your friend use WhatsApp as their primary messaging app. If you don’t have WhatsApp supported phone for example., basic O.S., simple phone, and you want to connect with your friends on WhatsApp then today, here we're going to provide you the way by which you can  run WhatsApp on your PC.

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Run WhatsApp On PC

This entire tutorial could be divided in two parts
  1. Downloading and installing Bluestack
  2. Configuring and download whatsapp for PC

Downloading and installing Bluestack

  • First get BlueStack and install it on your PC
  • Sometimes user have problem while installing bluestack, you may face certain errors like error 25000, 1720, 1406 or not enough memory space etc so you need to  visit All in One solution for all bluestack errors to solve the problem.

Bluestacks error free Download Whatsapp for PC
  • After successful installation above screen will appear.
Now we have to install whatspp in PC using this android emulator Bluestack.So the steps to install and download whatsapp in PC goes as follows

Configuring and download whatsapp for PC

  • First open the Bluestack by click its icon.
  • Now as Whatsapp is a messaging app, so you can find it out by clicking on the messaging tab in bluestack application
  • Whatsapp application will appear, before download this will ask you for the preferred market from where you wish to install it. Download app from any one of them and install it. All are safe.
How to Download Install WhatsApp on PC Download Whatsapp for PC
  • After selecting the market,next click over the app and it will start to download whatsapp for PC and installation will also be done.
  • Whatsapp icon will appear in your MyApp tab in the upper menu
  • Now open WhatsApp and click I agree with terms button.
  • Then you need to choose your country and put in your desired mobile number and say Ok to continue.
configure whats on PC

  • Next WhatsApp will send you SMS or Voice verification. You just have to enter the code you get via the SMS or voice call from Whatsapp.
mobile verfication whatsapp for PC

  • After code verification, you just need to enter you name and click on ok
Congratulation whatsapp has been installed onto your PC

 How to add contacts in whatsapp and start Chatting

  • After configuring whatsapp, you will find the option button as shown below

  • Simply click on the option button and then click on contacts
  • Again click on the option button and click on New Contacts
  • Next enter the name and mobile number of the person you wish to add in the contact list and click on ok.
  • Now click the Pencil icon given above on right to see the contact on the list you added as shown below.

  • Now click the desired contact and start chatting.

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So that's it.Hope you would enjoyed this tutorial.Do share your view about this post with us through your comments.
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  1. Another thing that I've learned today and it's very informative.

  2. Hi Debarpan,

    Interesting indeed :)

    I didn't now that you can install and run Whatsapp on a PC too! My kids use it on their mobiles and I am never on it due to lack of time, but I'd certainly check this out now that you mentioned it.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend :)

  3. This is helpful as I have friends who uses WhatsApp.

  4. I already use whatsapp on my phone., I didn't know you can also use it on the pc

  5. Oh. It's good to be able to use WhatsApp on a desktop or laptop however I don't really see the need to do so since there are many other software for communicating with friends who are online/mobile when you're logged onto your laptop/ desktop. Anyway, helpful tutorial as usual. Thanks! :)

  6. I love it that these apps originally made for mobile phones can now be used in the PC.