20 April 2014

Top 3 Mass Email Software for Windows

Mass Email Software for Windows
Internet is a most used and best marketing platform for product and promotion. Email Marketing is one of the best online marketing technique in this current era. Without email marketing you can’t be a successful online marketer.So you wish to become a successful online marketer you have to go for email marketing.There you can find the many type of internet marketing tools such as Email newsletter.autoresponder service and Mass or bulk email sending software etc.Among all these mass email softwares are most famous,yet popular.Mass email software can be very useful for sending out your mailing list. Having the right software can help you to  make your email marketing campaigns more efficient.So here In this article we're going to explore a few different email software solutions exclusively for you.

  • Bulk Mailer

Bulk Mailer is a software for Windows that can be downloaded for free at 32bit.com. This company produces a variety of software, some free and some which you have to pay for. This program is useful for anyone who is looking for a simple way to send email without having to subscribe to an autoresponder service.

There are several benefits to using this software.

    Speed and Flexibility – The developer claims that you can send messages in several different ways with this software. There is Direct Sending, Delay Sending and Burst Sending. Bulk Mailer can send over 20,000 emails per hour, so no matter how large your list is (or becomes) you can stay in touch with your subscribers.

    However, note that our tests with this software has found that the direct sending is not reliable at all as most emails were bounced and couldn't get to my recipients. The delivery rate is very low!

  2. Tracking - It's always important to track your campaigns, and with Bulk Mailer you can monitor the results of your mailings. You can check metrics such as open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribes and other data.
While Bulk Mailer has many useful features, you also have some drawbacks. For one thing, you can't count on their support or updates for the programs. If you have any questions or problems, sometimes you may have difficulty getting answers promptly.

  • Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer is a mass email software that is designed to be simple to use. At the same time, it has many advanced features that allow you to plan and manage very professional email marketing campaigns.

Some of the features you get with Thunder Mailer include:

  1. Can be set up very quickly using the Quick Start Wizard.
  2. Allows you to send unlimited emails, as well as save unlimited email campaigns.
  3. You can preview all of your emails before you send them to see how they will appear when your recipients get them.
  4. Gives you the ability to personalize your emails for better open rates.
  5. It's compatible with any standard SMTP server, whether free or paid.
  6. User friendly WYSIWYG message editor makes it simple to create messages in either plain text or HTML format.

Thunder Mailer is a mass email software that can be used with any Windows based computer, including Windows XP and Windows 7.

This software costs $69 per license copy. This is of course a very reasonable price, looking at the features it is offering. Furthermore, we only have to pay once, as opposed to a subscription service where there is a monthly charge.

Out of the 3 software we are reviewing here today, Thunder Mailer is my favorite. It has the most useful features that most email marketers will need at a very reasonable price. The user interface is also the friendliest.

Check them out at Thundermailer.com.

  •  E-Campaign 10 Bulk Email Software

e-Campaign bulk email software is a software that is especially geared to individuals and businesses that send out email newsletters. Some of the features that come with this software include:

  1. Email open tracking
  2. Personalized bulk emails.
  3. PHP scripting
  4. Recurring email scheduling.
  5. Personalized file attachments and images.
  6. Unicode and international character support.

e-Campaign 10, which is put out by LmhSoft, comes in two editions: the Standard Edition, which allows you to send emails to as many as 2,000 recipients, costs $149.95. The Business Edition, which allows you to email unlimited recipients, sells for $279.95.

While e-Campaign 10 is good software with many features, it is a little on the pricey side. With Thunder Mailer, you can send unlimited emails for $69; with e-Campaign 10 you would have to pay about 4 times that much for that capability!

Best Mass Email Software  For You

We have looked at three different choices for bulk email software. You should look them over and decide which best serves your needs. The 32bit Bulk Email Sender is not too expensive, but their user interface is a little outdated.

e-Campaign 10 has some good features but is rather expensive. Thunder Mailer is a good choice if you want the middle ground, that’s high quality and feature rich software at a reasonable price that provides you with full support.

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