13 May 2014

Best 10 Fun Apps for Android

Some Best Fun Apps for Android
Now a days a lot of people want some excitement in their lives. They want some kind of fun that makes them happy in their free time. What if you have some funny apps in your mobile handset?Isn't it cool?Guess yes.As android most popular in this current ear so we hope you have one.So let's provide you some fun apps while will encourage you to stay more time with your  android sets.So here below are the list of some funniest android apps exclusively for you.

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Tattoo Cam Deluxe 

This is the most funny app that can amaze your friend and family and makes them laugh. Just adjust your image in this app now make any kind of tattoo at your image and send it to your parents mobiles or friends mobiles , at first it will surprise them but after that they will see the funny side of it. It is very easy to use , just select any image and change it with some kind of funny stuff which makes you and your friends happy.

9GAG App 

If you want to share anything related to fun then the 9GAG is the best app for this purpose.  You can share anything and get response from all over the world that makes you laugh. You can share funny photos , videos and  anything interesting via this app. If you have this app in your android set then buckle up, there is no need of feeling lonely.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking tom cat is one of the most popular fun app that is used all over the world in android sets. This app has a very funny feature , when you speak any word or sentence then this funny cat repeats these words in a very funny way , that makes you  laugh. It acts like your pet cat that force you to laugh at anytime you want. These are some more funny applications which you will also like and my available on android platform also.

Ugly Booth 

Ugly Booth is a fun app that can entertain anyone by editing picture. This app makes faces ugly with one just one click. One of the funniest ways of creating ugly face of your friends. You can install Ugly Booth for free on your Android device.

Mix Booth 

 Mix Booth is one of the best fun applications for Android devices. If you love editing images, this app could be great face changing tool for you. You can make different images by mixing two faces. Mix booth is available for free on Android market.

Mood Scanner 

Mood scanner is a useful app that shows mood of your friends. It can guess your mood by scanning your finger. Great app to make your friend fool.

Face Changer 

Great application to change your face easily. Amazing app that turns your simple face to funny faces. You can install this app free of cost on your Android devices.

Make Me Old 

 One of the best fun apps on Android marketplace that can show you your older face. This app age your face and gives you older image with just one click. You can also add glasses, funny mustache or beard using this funny app.

Make Me Bald 

 If you want to see your face without hair, this app could be the best because it can make anyone bald within few seconds. You can download this funny app free of cost on your Android device.


 Do you want to see how you would look as a zombie? This fun app makes faces to zombies in just few seconds. One of the best fun apps on Android market that is available for free.

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Having fun in your life makes you internally strong , because with the help of it you release your tensions and stress. Install  these apps in your android sets and make  life easy for yourself.Have fun and keep visiting.

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  1. My son loves tom talking cat! I haven't tried the 9GAG, I'm sure my day will always be happy because of the jokes.

  2. Love some of the apps of Android...yes, the talking cat.

  3. I have also tried the talking tom cat and find it so amusing! It's a good entertainment app.

  4. I like the image altering apps for photos and the 9gag too for fun.

  5. this is good to those who uses android phones. i have iphone my i rarely download things like this hehe i only use it for messaging and social media.

  6. Oohh.. there are some I didn't know.. tom cat seems the star of app. i also like zombie booth

  7. We only have talking tom and it is indeed a fun app.