10 May 2014

Earn Money from Nuffnang


As per times running out blogging is no longing just a hobby,blggers do trying to earn some money from their hobby too,so they are looking through various advertisement platforms to get some sponsors for their blog.Nuffnang is the first Asia Pacific blog advertising community, with more than 100,000 Nuffnang bloggers over several countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. (Known as Nuffnang MY, Nuffnang SG etc)
It is quite similar to Google Adsense, except that Nuffnang only run their ads on blogs or websites. Every blogs that you submit needs the admin approval as well.

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There are several ways to earn money from Nuffnang. Nuffnang provides 2 Ad types and 
advertorials. These are Cost Per Unique Visitor Ads (geo_CPM) and CPC Ads (global_CPC). 

Ad Types in Details

  • Earnings for Cost Per Unique Visitor Ads (geo_CPM)
They are calculated based on the number of unique visitors to a blog when an ad campaign is
 being run. Basically, you have to achieve a minimum amount of 20 unique visitors to your blog
 and maintain that amount in order to be in the running to receive Cost Per Unique Visitor Ads. 
Then, you can sit back and relax while the advertisers choose the blogs on which to run their ads campaigns on. Should you be selected, you will be notified by an email based on the type and the duration of the ads campaign.

  • CPC Ads (global_CPC)
Any blogger registered with Nuffnang is automatically eligible to run CPC Ads. You will be 
paid each time the ada being clicked and your earnings will available at the end of the week.

  • Advertorials
Advertorials is when a particular blogger is paid to write about an advertiser’s product in his/her blog. The blogger will be paid per post cause of it's better reach.

  • geo_CPM is the highest paying Ad at Nuffnang. The pay rate is based on the unique visitor at your blog or Nuffnang’s term – band. As an example, visitor from 0 to 50 is counted at band 1. whereas 51 to 100 is counted as band 2. And so on… The higher band you have  the higher pay rate you will getAs we stated before, you need to have at least 20 unique visitors per day to entitle a campaign. 

  • global_CPC is the other way to earn while you do not have any campaign running. However, global_CPC is not so performing cause you only be able to  get around RM0.25 per click. You need a lots of click to make some good money. So better get higher traffic and then run campaign.

Also be sure that you don’t have any South-East Asia company Ad on your blog. Why? 
Nuffnang has an exclusive program called – Nuffnang Glitterati

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If you are into online advertising, there are millions of tips and tricks are available online on how to optimize your earnings. BUT, how many of we can afford to follow these? and very few of us have the worth spend money to buy some Ebooks to learn how to improve your blogs traffic and earnings?So for that stay updated with our blog.Any suggestion,quaries are highly appreciated.Thank you.
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  1. I'm using CPC now and I think it's working. Nuffnang gives opportunity for advertisers to reach their target markets.

  2. why i didn't tried this long time ago. I think i should apply for a spot now.

  3. Some ways to earn while blogging and others made it to the top.

  4. I'vd heard of nufnang before but i never tried it. I think i have to check it this time to see how can i earn from it.

  5. Nuffnang is a really great way to raise funds.

  6. I also run CPC ads on my blogs, I just wish I would earn more so that I can cash out soon, I have never cashed out from Nuffnang yet!

  7. Hi Debarpan,

    Never heard of Nuffnang, and it certainly sounds like a good alternative to adsense, if it is really as effective. Shall surely check it out.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

  8. I've been using it. I have P200+ in my account already. hahaha

  9. I have a nuffnang ads on my blog and yes I'm earning. I already cashed out thrice :)

  10. great blogpost! i am using nuffnang as well on my blog but nothing is happening though i have earned few already hehe

  11. I just recently added nuffnang ads on my blog but still haven't got any earnings yet