20 May 2014

Some Best Apps to Schedule Your Twitter Tweets

Best Apps to Schedule Your Twitter Tweets
Twitter has gained a lot of attention from people who use the internet, and that is why you can say that writing ‘tweets’ also known as ‘tweeting’ has become the new internet trend. You can think of tweeting as continuous news feed from the people you follow, such as celebrities, friends, etc., and you can also post your own tweets and share with the world in 140 character what you have been doing.So why you should schedule your tweets? There are many reasons to schedule tweets. Some of them which we can think of, wishing your follower on any specific occasions, making an special announcement like blog anniversary, or re-sharing your old post for more visibility. Reasons could be endless, but the whole idea is to keep your account active.So here we're going to share some most popular apps to schedule your twitter tweets.

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CoTweet among many other features provides very handy and easy to use tweet scheduler. You will be able to schedule tweets for any date and time without any limits.


SocialOomph is one of the best apps for auto-following users. As very powerful Twitter marketing tool it has tweet scheduler also. The best thing is that unlike auto-follow tool, tweet scheduler is available for free.


HootSuite is third powerful and feature rich application in our list that includes also tweet scheduler. It is also very popular, web based multi account twitter client.


Twuffer is application built specifically for tweet scheduling. With this app you will be able to tweet pre-written posts and deliver to your followers remindings of upcoming events/podcasts/videos.


Stumble Upon owned URL shortener with some additional features including link scheduler for future publishing on Twitter and Facebook.


Twaitter actually is very powerful tool that may help you accomplish effective results in online marketing. One of the best features is that you can update all your social profiles as they have Ping.fm integration.


Taweet, as they call it, is a social calendar – event promotion application for Twitter. If you are searching for application to do just tweet scheduling, this app is probably the best choice.


Tweet-U-Later is a small tool for tweet scheduling but we would like to see more features on this app, but if you search some very basic solution this may be your choice.


TweetFunnel is a multi user tool for Twitter where you together with your colleagues will be able to manage corporate Twitter account. Built-in tweet scheduler seams to be very standard with all features you may want from such tool.


Future Tweets –we guess name explains pretty well what does this application. This app build specifically for posting scheduled tweets and, with almost half million tweets delivered at the moment, it seams to be popular among Twitter users.

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So, it’s up to you how and what tweets you schedule but if you do it correctly, you can keep your account interactive all the time. For example, when we started @TechTrickHome twitter account, we scheduled many interesting Techy Stuffs and also questions to engage the users.So hope you guys likes this post,do share your valueable thoughts with us through comments.

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  1. I;m not using these apps right now, but I''l try some. You always got informative articles.

  2. There's so many twitter apps that can vary based on your needs.

  3. I'm using both SocialOompsh and Hootsuite to manage my tweets and they are user-friendly.

  4. I am only familiar with hootsuite. Thanks for sharing the other apps.