6 June 2014

Best Free Domain Name Provider

Best Free Domain Name Provider While entering into their blogging carrier  most newbie bloggers prefer to build their blog with blogspot,wordpress or any other free subdomain.Later when they become moving forward from newbie to problogger stage they started realized the importance of having a custom domain,cause this definitely help any blog to increase it's visibility to it's visitor.So some went for getting a custom domain and get one but some others stepped back due to the price.So today we're going to provide some domain extension which are absolutely free.

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Dot.ml is just similar to dot.tk.Dot.ml is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Mali. In April 2013 the Agence des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (AGETIC) announced that it would give away .ml domains for free.

This is a country based domain extension provider.It is a central african republic based domain.You can easily this extension for your blog.

.ga is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Gabon. It is administered by Gabon Telecom.It is actually an uncommon domain extension.

This is another free domain name provider.You can register all available domain names instantly with it. They offer t free domain registration with dynamic dns service just like .com and any other TLD. They also provide domain names with a free DNS service with full MX, CNAME, A and SOA records. 

This is also a free domain name provider,though their service is not so good like other domain name provider listed in this list but you can also try this.
It is the another good option as a free domain name register.This is indeed one of the most shortest and coolest looking domain extension in the web.
Biz.nf is another great domain extension for any blog.They also provide free hosting packages along with free domain name.they provide 50 of free domain name registration capability per account. if you're willing to go for there unlimited hosting plan they will also give you free .com or other one of top level domain name as per your choose.
Biz.ly is kind of similar to Biz.nf  domain provider. Biz.ly also gives free hosting packages too. this company is well trusted and running since 2002. Your custom domain of Biz.ly  will look like www.yourdomainname.Biz.ly
Get your own FREE URL Domain from Unonic.com - get a free domain name like www.YourName.edu.tf and much more! Other features are the following: detailed visitors statistics, search engine submission, Meta tags support, email forwarding, WAP pages support, URL cloaking, path forwarding, and much more besides.

This is also good but not like other domain name provider we mentioned.They provide much longer domain names compare to others we listed above,but they have number of different extensions like .biz .info .tv you can choose any of them as per your choice.Your custom domain of the dyndns domain  will look like www.yourdomain.dyndns.biz.

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Hope this above provided list of free domain name provider will help you and your blog.If you do know some other such free domain name provider they do mention that through your comments.
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  1. This is a great source of domain name especially for those who are starting their site.

    1. Yes exactly.Thanks for sharing your view with us.

  2. More free domain nowadays and I have to check that out. Thanks

  3. Nice option for newbies. I got my domain name after a year.

  4. very nice to know!! i have a frend who's inthe making of making her own blog will send this to her

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