12 July 2014

Build Traffic with linkedin

linkedinAll most every webmaster well familiar with the site named Linkedin.LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites with millions of professionals around there, This site is used mainly by business people and career-oriented people. It's also a great place to build relationships, share your content and expertise, and drive traffic to your site..It is the most popular social networking site  among professionals as Facebook among common peoples. Since LinkedIn is the most common social networking site for the professionals it has the ability to connect people, organisation employees,partners and friends to your online business.So we can use it as a traffic building source for our blogs.

Strategy You Should Apply

  •  Create a killer profile
 It doesn't take a lot of research to realize that the human eye is naturally drawn to the attractive things. So the better looking your LinkedIn profile is -- meansprofessional and complete -- the more qualified you'll appear to the audiences and the more people will take interested  to check out your site.

  • Increase your connections

 A good LinkedIn profile has a lots of "1st degree" connections -- the people you accept as a friend or as a connection. More 1st degree connections means more clicks and traffic to your site simply because the more people you have looking at your site and your updates, the more views you'll receive. Your goal should be to have at least 500 1st degree connections and gradually growing from there .

  • Find People to Connect
Search for people you know and send them a connection request on LinkedIn.  The more connections you get in your LinkedIn profile, the more people can see your LinkedIn status updates, also make additional connection introductions for you, and so on.  You can connect to people if you work (or have worked) at the same company, attended the same school, or if you know their email addresses or anything else.  Even if you don't know someone, you can still connect with them through LnkedIn by requesting an introduction from one of your existing connections who is directly connected to that person.  It can get a bit confusing, but the important thing is to simply continue working on making new, relelated connections there..

  • Recommended and Get Recommended
One of the best parts about LinkedIn is the recommendations feature it provides where you can write recommendations for the people you're connected to, and you can send requests asking them to write back a recommendations about you.  Recommendations are published with your LinkedIn profile and act as endorsements of your work, abilities etc..  They are actually  a great way to establish your authority in your field or area of expertise.  If those recommendations are related to your blog content or topic, then they can help build your reputation and drive traffic towards your blog.

  • Ask and Answer Questions

The LinkedIn Answers feature is a gold mine for those peoples who are trying to learn new things or establish themselves as experts in their fields. Just by logging onto your LinkedIn account, and visit the LinkedIn Answers page where you can answer questions that other people have already asked there,you may also allowed to ask your own as well. 

  • Join Groups 

LinkedIn Groups are very active.  Search existing groups on linkedin and join those that are related to your blog and have audiences who would be likely to be interested into your blog content.  Then join any conversation  on that group,which already got high popularity there and build relationships with other members.  If there is not any group that fits your niche already on LinkedIn, then just start one by your own.

  • Be Active

Once you made your LinkedIn profile, don't forget about it.  In order for LinkedIn to be an effective tool to increase traffic to your blog, you need to actively participate by joining the group discussions, answering questions, making recommendations etc You also need to make sure your status is frequently updated.  Be sure to take the time to link your blog feed to your LinkedIn status, which is quie easy to do from your LinkedIn account.

  • Share Your Best Blog Contents

Make sure you spend time sharing links to your best, most helpful and useful blog content.  This is particularly important to do in the groups related to your blog's niche.  Don't inundate groups with your content links, but do demonstrate that you can truly add value to the conversation by sharing your amazing blog content there.

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  • Share Your LinkedIn Profile Link

Make sure you promote your LinkedIn profile in an effort to boost your connections.  Include the link in your blog's sidebar, your email signature, and everywhere else you can.

  • Acknowledge Other LinkedIn Members

Join the conversation, send LinkedIn direct messages, respond from senders, post comments, and so on. In other words, don't just spend time updating your own status and sharing your own content. Instead, spend a significant amount of your time talking with other members and helping to promote their content, too.So that they would also like to do the same for you.

  • View Others Linkedin Members  Profile

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as one of the most important referral sources for your site.If you consider that significant blog traffic from LinkedIn can come directly from LinkedIn profile views, it makes sense to work to increase your profile views.Fortunately this is something you can measure.LinkedIn will display the number of times one member's profile has been viewed by which other linkedin members.So if you do view other member's profile they will also love to do the same and may also looking forward onto your site too from your profile,which will definitely increase your blog traffic.

  • Use the blog app

Add the blog app to your profile like mobile apps for linkedin. Using these apps will surely made you to be more active on linkedin. This not only makes your profile look more advanced, it gives viewers a reason to go back to your articles on your site as well.

So if you do care about Linkedin you would surely get a certain traffic flow onto your blog from linkedin as well.If we missed something in here then do tell us through the below comment box.

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  1. Do hash tags in LinkedIn also work just like in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? If yes, then this can be another way for people to find your post.

    1. yes,but this feature is currently not available for many people on linkedin.

  2. These are really good tips to gain traffic from LinkedIn! I've mainly used Facebook and Instagram to get exposure for my blog posts, but maybe some time, I'll try it with LinkedIn.

  3. Very good recommendation... I am already have account with this social networking media. My connections are all professionals.

  4. I use Linkedin for my post but select post specific to my profession.

  5. I have a Linkedin account but it's not active. I think I need to use it now after reading this post.