16 September 2014

EaseUS Todo Backup


EaseUS Todo BackupEaseUS TodoBackup  is the most comprehensive free backup software currently available in market. The backup software allows users to create backups of your important files or the entire workstation through its simple, intuitive and streamline interface.

Users can start their backup by just selecting few options from the interface and the software will do the rest. The application supports both file and image backup.The application is a freeware with enough functionality compared to the pro version of the software, that it can be used very efficiently without worrying if they are missing something or not.

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The application integrates well with windows and works seamlessly over other platforms as well. The interface is clean and provides intuitive reasoning about the functionality the backup software offers.
Recovering is very easy, once you have made any backup. You can either double-click any Todo backup file and it opens as if it were a folder. Similarly, you can restore the full backup through fully integrated restore function.
Ease US Todo backup software sports several different options for creating a backup using the application. The backup options are

  1. Disk/Partition Backup
  2. System Backup
  3.  File Backup
  4. Smart Backup

Cloning of the whole hard disk is also supported and switches it out for a new one. You can also choose to recover their files to the original location or a separate drive or folder, and whether or not they want to replace existing files.

File monitoring is also great feature that the application offers. You can set up schedules for the program to monitor specific files using the file monitoring feature. This feature is great for files that are constantly being changed and needs to be monitored in regular intervals. This makes ensure that you never have to worry about losing the latest work.

The only backup that I feel every free app has is its frequent pop-ups asking you to upgrade. The frequency sometimes is very much compared to other free application that uses the same model of advertising.

A few more drawbacks that makes the application lag behind others in backup category is the lack of virus scanning and lack of backup scripting capabilities, a tool that is used to create specialized backup for advanced users.

EaseUS Todo Backup has great documentation available online. This is augmented with a great helpful community. The software do lack support on telephone contact but still it covers it up with great documentation and online community.

EaseUS Todo Backup is reliable data backup software which features robust functionality, smooth performance and flexible backup options. The lack of virus scanner and custom scripting hurts the software in longer run. Otherwise this is a must have backup tool.
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