7 October 2014

Youtube Adding Offline Videos


This is great news for anyone who is a YouTube fiend but doesn’t have internet access at home. The major video-sharing network has announced that it’ll be adding the ability to watch videos offline to its mobile apps.Given that Google’s actively gone after Microsoft for giving people the ability to download videos with its YouTube app, it might hardly be surprising that you will only be able to watch videos using the features for a “short time”.In a blog post aimed at video creators, YouTube says that it means “your fans’ ability to enjoy your videos no longer has to be interrupted by something as commonplace as a morning commute”.The video network adds that the feature is designed “to give people more opportunities to enjoy videos and channels on YouTube mobile”.At this stage, YouTube not yet revealed exactly how the feature is going to work, although it obviously wouldn't be starting from scratch.The company last year began implementing pre-downloading of videos for its Android app. That particular feature required you to start watching a video online before allowing you to move offline.It is also worth noting, as The Next Web does, that unveiling the feature on its Creator blog could mean that the people uploading the videos could have ultimate control over whether a video can be viewed offline or not.According to YouTube, you should be able to start watching videos offline by from November of this year.

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Apps Allow  View YouTube Films Offline 

Quite basically, this new operate is based on earlier saved these videos we wish to see right after offline. But keep in head that for this, the person will require to use Net connection to download the gadget cache that video you wish to observe later offline.

On the other hand, from the formal YouTube weblog have produced it very clear that the online video will remain cached for a quick time and restricted, not only to stay away from potential troubles with the copyright of these movies, but also for the very own convenience of consumers .

With this new potential coupled with beautiful facelift cellular app endured this services a couple of weeks back you could say that the apps is in one of his greatest. Also evidently witnessed as Google continues to function difficult to improve their providers and keep introducing new functions that make them even more fascinating.

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What do you feel this new option to incorporate the YouTube application from November ? Do you believe people will use it?Share your view on comments.
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  1. Wow, what a great new app! Can't wait to try it! Great article, thank you for sharing.

  2. This gives videos a wider reach as you can now view it offline.

  3. This is so useful! I'm glad that YouTube realizes that not all of us are on 24/7 internet.

  4. So finally i can play those videos offline?