2 December 2014

5 Apps That Give College Students an Advantage

5 Apps That Give College Students an Advantage
Using smartphones is one of the latest fashion of today.People of all age do use smartphones.college students are also one of them,they love to use such kinda smartphones.Applications are one of their greatest advantages to use such smartphones.Unlike their parents, who mostly relied on Cliffs Notes and wrist calculators, today's college students have access to thousands of apps that can help them get better grades. Before you take another class, make sure that you have these five apps working for you.


Countless students have spent hours writing original essays only to find out that they didn't cite their sources properly. A lenient professor will correct the mistake. A strict one may use the word "plagiarism." Unless you actually stole someone else's work, it's unlikely that the university will find you guilty of plagiarism. Still, it's not a lesson that you want to learn the hard way.
With EasyBib, students don't have to worry about improper citations. All you have to do is scan a book's barcode (or enter the name manually) and select MLA, APA, or Chicago style. It will do the hard part for you.

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Technology gives today's college students many advantages, but it also creates a lot of distractions that can make it difficult to focus on homework. When you have a mid-term paper due in the morning, you don't want to spend the rest of the night playing games or chatting with friends.
If you can't make yourself concentrate on your work, then turn to the SelfControl app for help. The app lets you choose websites that you shouldn't (but want to) visit while studying. When you can't access your favorite sites, you're more likely to do your work.
Unfortunately, you will have to resist some temptations on your own. Self Control won't stop you from making phone calls or texting your friends all night.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Whether you're studying theoretical physics or getting a Master of Taxation, you need a reliable calculator that's ready to work when you are. RealCalc turns your mobile device into a scientific calculator that lets you:
  • set customizable unit conversions
  • use binary, octal, or hexadecimal settings
  • access a physical constants table
  • calculate trig functions in grads, radians, or degrees
Assuming that you don't need the strength of a super computer, this calculator will meet your needs.


Considering that 82 percent of graduate students have some type of job, it's easy to forget about distant deadlines. The iHomework app solves that problem by letting students create a schedule for their assignments. Unlike the schedule scribbled on the back of a coffee-stained notebook, this one actually works. You can manage your deadlines by course, day, or week. When a deadline approaches, the app reminds you.

Dictionary: Merriam-Webster

Going to college guarantees that you will run into a few obscure words. With enough context, you can usually guess the meaning of a word. Unfortunately, you don't always have enough context. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app gives you access to the entire dictionary. That includes word origins, first uses, synonyms, and antonyms as well as definitions.

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Which of these apps would help you most? Do you know of others that can help students earn their degrees?

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