7 December 2014

Best 5 Bitcoin Accepting Web Host

The rise of Bitcoin as a digital currency or crypto currency has changed the idea of online payment. This cryptocurrency is growing  very fast and many web hosting companies are accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate payment method.

The beauty of Bitcoin is, it could be used all over the world that have access to the internet. So if you are from one of the Paypal unsupported countries, you can use bitcoin as a Paypal alternative easily.


Bitcoin is a software based payment system which enables instant payment to anyone located anywhere in the world. It has no central authority, managing transaction and the issuing of Bitcoin is carried out collectively by the P2P network.

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Now let’s take a look on the best 5 web hosting providers support bitcoin payment system as per our research.


Arvixe is a California-based webhosting company that started its journey in the year 2003 with the mission to provide affordable and quality web hosting service. It has been hosting thousands of websites all over the world. It has already received several awards from industry authorities. It offers Shared Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting etc. You could host your website on Arvixe as low as $4/month.


Namecheap is leading domain name registrar and web hosting company around the web started their journey in 2000. It has more than one million customers. they offers cheap domain registration and reliable web hosting. Namecheap is the first major domain registrar that accepts bitcoin payment. You could host your site on Namecheap as low as $9.88 per year.


Qhoster is yet another very popular for accepting a wide variety of payment methods (including Bitcoin) for web hosting and domain name registrations.Qhoster was founded in 2004 and it serves customers to all over the world. They offers several packages like cPanel web hosting, Linux VPS, Windows RDP VPS, Dedicated Server etc.


Bitcoin Web Hosting is designed especially for Bitcoin users which offers stable and secure bitcoin hosting solutions. Their mission is to provide best bitcoin hosting on the planet.they offers Bitcoin Shared Hosting, Bitcoin VPS Hosting and Bitcoin Dedicated Servers.


Hosterbox is a Canadian web hosting company which was founded in 2005 with a mission to offer customers industry-leading Web hosting and design services. You could host your site as low as 3.95/month.they also offers free hosting transfer.

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So these are some best web hosting companies that accept Bitcoin payment according to our research. Do let us know if there are any other good web hosts that accept bitcoin through your comments. However, if you find this post helpful, please do spread it by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google
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  1. Personally, I'm quite aloof with this kind of system and not trusted yet. Paypal and Payoneer are good as of now in which I could get cash when I needed. As far as I knew with bitcoin, you can only use online.

    1. Yes,you're right but people all around the globe using it.So this may be the correct time to take importance of this digital currency.

  2. Stumbling upon this post just came in time. My officemate has been looking for a reference where he can compare the different web hosting sites that accept Bitcoin as payment. He can start researching with this list.

  3. It's nice that more people are accepting bitcoins. It just shows how bitcoin would be really effective.

  4. bitcoin is starting to get traction to Online stores now, well because its really hard to mine bitcoins today. Im sure it will be a great alternative type of currency in the future

  5. Deal sites here in the Philippines are already accepting bitcoins

  6. I didn't know host websites accepts bitcoins already. Nice to know.