13 August 2016

How to Password Protect Your Whatsapp on Android

How to Password Protect Your Whatsapp on Android
Whatsapp is becoming more and more popular among smartphone and feature phone users. But, whatsapp also has privacy and security flaw that is, anyone with access to your android phone can read all the conversation that you made.

Now, if you are worried of someone who will try to read your conversation without your knowledge then here is guide on how to lock Whatsapp with password on Android.

Here in this article we will be using two android apps available on Google Play store, which helps you to password lock whatsapp on Android phone

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Here is a best app called Lock for WhatsApp to keep privacy using which you can lock only Whatsapp on your Phone with 4 digit PIN. There is no need to lock complete phone only to hide Whatsapp messages.The app also has a option to customize auto lock time so that you don't need to enter PIN every time.

Features of The Application

  1. This app has a simple user interface which very is easy to use.
  2. This app gives complete privacy to your messages on WhatsApp.
  3. The best feature of this app is it captures a photo of people who tried to access your WhatsApp messages using invalid PIN (this feature works only for devices with front camera).
  4. The app is compatible with all the Android devices .
  5. The app is lightweight and uses very low space and resources.
  6. The app is completely free and can be downloaded from Play store by going to following link.

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Just by installing this app you'll be able to password protect your whatsapp easily and so that noone could access that.If you'd like to share some other such apps which you already used do let us know through your comments.
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  1. Thanks for this! Really helpful since I have tons of messenger apps, one of them is this.

  2. This really helps a lot. I hope they also have a password protect for Apple.

  3. oh yeah, another helpful techy tips from you. Thank you so much for this )