23 November 2015

What Tech Upgrades Will Medium Sized Businesses Be Making in 2016?

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Medium sized businesses usually have the ultimate goal of becoming large sized businesses, and one of the best and most effective ways to go about growing any business in any industry is by fully embracing technology. With so many technological advancements constantly being released, it can be difficult for business owners to keep up, but it will certainly be worth their while if they do.

2016, like all previous years, is set to be one that is filled with amazing tech upgrades that businesses, particularly those that are mid-sized, will be able to invest in and take advantage of. Continue reading to learn about a few of these technological upgrades to find out if any of them would be what your business needs to succeed.

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for a while, and you have likely heard quite a bit about it already. It is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries, and medium sized businesses that are doing well and making enough profits will be able to invest in this technology in 2016 if they want to do so.

There are many applications for 3D printing, such as creating and selling unique designs, simply offering 3D printing services to customers and fellow businesses who may need them, or even coming up with a brand new product that you can put on the market and manufacture at a low cost to increase profit margins.

So even though the aerospace, automotive, medical, and military sectors have been taking advantage of 3D printing technology for years now, it is really becoming a more accessible and affordable technology with each passing year, so before you know it, more and more medium sized businesses will be able to take advantage of it as well.

Digital Assistants

Sure, you have your real life personal assistant, but what about getting a virtual personal assistant as well?

Virtual personal assistants are also referred to as VPAs, and they are becoming increasingly popular in the business world because they can really help you increase efficiency. And the most popular VPAs currently on the market are Microsoft's Cortana, Apple's Siri, Google Now, and Alexa, which is found in Amazon's Echo device.

To choose the right VPA for your business needs, you will need to consider the strengths of each one.
For example, Siri is known for being the best when it comes to understanding language as it’s spoken naturally because it can easily pick up on various ways that you can ask the same question.
On the other hand, Google Now is able to get to know you best, thanks to its ability to collect personal data that you can then use for a variety of tasks.

Cortana provides great location-based reminders that are suitable for business people on the go.
But Alexa is always there, listening and waiting to pick up on commands even from across the room. It can help you with everything from giving you the latest news headlines and playing music, to giving you reminders about things you need to get done.

Device Mesh

Another major technological advancement that is making waves is the device mesh, which takes a bunch of different devices that you would use around the house and around the office and brings them together into one convenient mesh.

Before long, business owners will be able to use traditional mobile devices less and move more towards this new mesh of devices. It creates improved interaction and cooperation between the various devices that businesspeople are used to employing in the workplace every day.

ScanSource and Cisco Products and Services

OIP, which refers to Opportunity Incentive Program, is a great way to make more money in 2016. Cisco OIP through Scansource is definitely something to look into if you already like using these products but wish to expand. It creates incentives for partners to identify and develop, as well as close, new business deals through registration.

You'll be rewarded for bringing Cisco new business, and you'll also be provided with differential on all approved opportunities. As long as you're a medium-sized business and a Cisco certified partner, you can take advantage of this upgrade.

With the latest tech upgrades at your fingerprints, you can enjoy more speed, accuracy, and efficiency than ever, regardless of what products and/or services you offer or what industry you work in. So go ahead and make wise investments into technology so you can watch your medium sized business transform into a larger operation that generates more profits with less waste.
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