12 September 2016

10 Christmas Presents Gamers and Gadget Lovers Will Adore

Christmas is just knocking at the door.We should all get ready for it.It's time for us to do celebrate this christmas. What can you get the gamer or the gadget lover this Christmas time? Well there are actually an overwhelming number of choices for suitable presents but most of them are not going to be that great. To avoid picking the wrong thing, here we offer our best 10 ideas when shopping for a gift for a gadget lover or a gamer.

Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

For any gamer who loves Minecraft (believe us, you'll know if they do) this bottle opening pickaxe is ideal for them. Adorned with the familiar Minecraft colors, this one is bound to get the Minecraft gamer swooning.
It has a hole and loop to hang it up easily, and has been made with zinc alloy for durability over time. It is an officially licensed product from the people behind Minecraft and boxed ready to be given as a gift.
For anyone looking to connect up, why not check out this Minecraft Server List to get a faster connection when playing Minecraft.

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4: 20th Anniversary Edition

The classic gray exterior will bring memories back of many happy hours spent gaming on a PlayStation in the 1990s. This throwback to a bygone era is fully modernized with DualShock 4 system, multiple buttons and able to be used on the latest Sony PlayStation consoles. Any PlayStation gamer who is “old school” will get a kick out of this one.

Super Mario Bros Wall Decals

This is a good gift for the younger kids who love to play Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo. These are decals that can be stuck up on the walls. This can possibly be done overnight or when they're out when Santa can sneak in and change how their bedroom walls look!

Yoda Backpack

Fans of Star Wars movies and games will love this one. This Yoda backpack looks like Luke Skywalker carrying around Yoda on his back. It also doubles as a valid backpack that can store books and documents ready for school.

WoW Beer Stein

Do you want to look like a fan of the World of Warcraft? Well you can combine a beer around Christmas time with this ultimate tribute to the popular game. It features lovely sculpting that uses bas-relief to bring out the design details and exclusive artwork.

iPhone App Magnets

If your partner is someone who cannot get enough of their iPhone then these app magnets in the shape of popular iPhone apps make an ideal kitchen magnet tool to get them. The icons adorning each magnet can even be used to indicate the type of note they are holding up (calendar, notes, mail, etc.)

Sudoku Toilet Paper

This unusual gift is not something you'd wrap up so much as one you'd replace in the bathroom to deliver an unexpected surprise. This roll of Sudoku toilet paper will delight avid players of Sudoku who cannot get enough of the game. The design has even been created so that that players can fill in the puzzle while spending time during a bathroom break.

R2D2 Trash Can

Every young Star Wars fan is going to adore this R2D2 trash can for the ultimate in coolness. There are two models available: a desktop model and a full-size one which his 24 inches tall.

Victorinox Secure Pro USB drive

This Victorinox Secure Pro USB drive boasts AES256 encryption technology and a patented MKI Schnuffi Platform Single Chip system. Victorinox have offered a $100,000 prize for anyone who can actually crack into this USB flash drive. The Secure Pro is offered in 8GB and 16GB capacities.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 is a great audio option for gamers who enjoy playing PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games. This headset is compatible with all three systems. There is a battery-powered amp which also has the option to increase the bass level so that explosions will come through thundering in the ears.

Speak into the headset and also check your own volume by using the option to hear yourself speaking to verify you're not coming through either too loud or too soft with in-game conversations. Ideal for clan gaming matches using TeamSpeak, amongst the crowded headset market for gamers this one from Turtle Beach stands out as a clear winner.

Any of these presents for gamers and gadget lovers would be ideal for Christmas. Just make sure that you match the game or movie-themed gifts to the right gamer so that you don't end up buying something for a game they no longer play. 
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  1. I would love a Yoda backpack. It would looks so cool having Yoda around.

  2. wow am sure that any gadget lovers would be delighted by these gifts for the holidays :)

  3. Wow, being an avid video gamer, i would love to receive a Sony PlayStation Dual Shock 4 or even that cute Minecraft Axe Bottle opener.. or maybe some items that are related to my favorite video games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Dead Rising haha okay wait, i know they are more appropriate Halloween gifts not Christmas haha

  4. Ah, I know someone who I could buy the Sudoku toilet paper for! Brilliant idea, thanks!

    Enjoy the journey!!