3 August 2016

How to Improve Your Writing Skills


Improve Your Writing SkillsFor a blogger, the primary target is loyal audience who makes up the traffic. There are quite a lot things that are actually responsible directly or indirectly. Design, Content, Colors, Quality, Readability, Interaction, Response and what not? All these counts in when you talk about readership on your blog.

Even the Google animals concentrate much on quality content besides the blackhat techniques and all. Having quality content on your site will always benefit you in all possible ways. They bring you more traffic, you’ll have no penalty from Google, increased readership and even more members in your list. But remember, you can enjoy all these if and only if you are successful in producing rich content for your blog. we know, you’ve been blogging. And so if someone is a blogger, he is already a writer. To be a writer, it’s not an easy job. If you’ve been struggling with your writing and been searching for ways to improve your writing skills, here we're with a list of tips for you.

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Keep All of your Writing in One Place

Buy a notebook or journal or start an electronic journal. By keeping your writing all in the same place, you will be able to see how much you are improving and keep it organized.

Practice Writing in English Daily

The importance of writing daily is that you start to create a new habit. Writing every day in English will soon become natural and something you look forward to. You will not see a significant improvement if you are not dedicated to becoming a better writer in English. You cannot create awesome stories and papers if you never try.

Read More

Always remember, reading is the best way to enhance your writing. When you read different books by different authors, you’ll get to know the usage of the same English language in different ways. One might write the same topic in a humorous way and the other might include a suspense in it. So the more you read, the better the chances of improving your writing. I strongly suggest you to read books that use typical and complex language. It’s an awesome way to have a knowledge on the usage of language.

Write More than One Draft

Draft means a preliminary version of piece of writing. Sometimes, your best writing becomes better after you take a break and work on a second or third draft. When you revise (or rewrite) your work you are often able to get your message across more clearly. You make think of things that you did not think to write in the first draft and you can add it in a later draft.

Use Online Resources to Correct your Grammar

Yes, grammar is a pain. You don’t need to know everything about English grammar. Use online resources, such as Grammarly, GrammarCheck or GrammarBook.com to help you answer a grammar question when it comes up. You could also switch the spell and grammar check on MS Word, your iPad or Google Doc to check your spelling and grammar in English.

Have a Friend Edit Your Writing

Have a friend that knows English correct or edit your work. Having another person read your work helps generate more ideas to better your writing. You could have them edit everything or just a part that you are stuck on. Often having another set of eyes look at your writing helps find mistakes that you have overlooked.

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Hope these tips will help you to improve your writing skills.Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hi Debrapan,
    You have done amazing job Dude, All the points you have mentioned in the post is important to learn expert writing.

  2. I agree with writing more than one draft. I often find my writings editable after not being familiarized with the posts for some time which is why I often write my thoughts and ideas at a journal or Word processor so that I can remember to edit it when I come up when other new ideas related to them.

  3. I had a coach and he gave this tip of re-reading your article at least 10 times. So that's what I've been doing. It helps me streamline the outline and edit out any grammatical errors. Sometimes, I still would miss an error, but luckily Wordpress allows for edits. =) Reading more is also important. It not only gives us an insight into how others approach a certain topic but also helps with personal development. It helps to give us new ideas on certain topics. And you can also use it to quote other's wisdom, insights and advice.

  4. Interesting points. True, the more we read the more our command on the language increases!

  5. Hi Debarpan :)
    great post and good advice .
    reading is very good to improve writing ,I noticed that
    when I read more ,I can remember the words better.
    Using online resources to correct grammar is important,
    I use Grammarly
    Thank you

  6. Oh yes! We all have these writing blocks on and off - I guess if we keep practicing and dedicate some time to this activity weekly or as we can manage it will be great.

    Great Tips!

  7. There are plenty of ways to improve your writing skills. I saw an improvement after blogging for a couple of months while also reading books along the way. Aside from that, it may sound way off, but watching a series in English helps as well.

  8. I think it really helps to have other people edit your post. It gets difficult finding the tiny errors when you are reading your work again.

  9. i always find reading more books or articles can help with writing. it can help improve your vocabulary and understanding too

  10. Reading really is very important for you to improve your writing craft. You should never tire of learning new things to enrich your own knowledge about the topic you write about and those related to it.

  11. Reading different materials such as books and online articles help a lot not only in terms of gathering interest and future topics for the blog but also to learn more about how sentence and paragraphs structures work to command attention and deliver a clear message. These are great practices to improve one's writing.

  12. Great tips on how to improve writing skills and rather timely too as I am feeling very uninspired lately. It is time start writing regularly to keep the creative juices flowing. Thank you for sharing and for the much-needed inspiration! :)

  13. Thanks for the tips in blogging but different bloggers have different style and attitude about blogging. You know much about it and reaching-out for us to learn more.

  14. Thanks for the tips and tricks. For me, the best thing a writer should do is write straight from the heart!

  15. Constant writing and reading diverse things have broaden my horizon to becoming a better writer. Great tips you nurturing us with. Thanks