4 December 2015

Is it Finally Time for the Microsoft Surface?

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Microsoft Surface (or simply Surface) is a series of Windows-based personal computing devices designed and manufactured by Microsoft under its hardware division, a part of the Windows and Devices group. It comprises hybrid tablets, 2-in-1 detachables, and interactive whiteboards.
The first generation devices under the Surface name were introduced on June 18, 2012, and the most recent models currently available are the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, which were released on October 26, 2015.The original Microsoft Surface was designed to bring the functionality and power of a full size laptop together with the convenience and portability of a tablet PC. A few generations of fine tuning later the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is intended to represent the most complete laptop experience yet, and you can pre-order the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at Harvey Norman. 


While the Type Cover of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 allows it to function as a laptop, featuring a full size backlit keyboard and a redesigned trackpad, it is not included with the standard Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Typing and other input intensive operations are much more difficult without the Type Cover, and the Surface may prove impossible to use for those planning to rely on it for productive purposes. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has just one USB port for peripheral connections where most laptops have several, although there is an additional USB charging socket mounted to the power adapter to provide a mobile power source for other devices. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 also has battery life more comparable to tablets than laptops, rated for 7 hours of active time on a single charge.


The ultra-slim tablet profile of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is supported by a 12.3 high definition Gorilla Glass screen, making it more durable and travel-friendly than conventional laptops. It measures 8.45mm in thickness and weighs 800 grams, equivalent to many premium tablets in size with far superior computing power thanks to its PC-quality internal processors. 

Another premier upgrade to the Surface package is the redesigned Surface Pen, which now detects over 1,000 levels of pressure and is compatible with an array of functional tips. The Microsoft Surface Pro is the first model in the line to launch with support for Windows 10, and features access to the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship mobile utility, personal assistant program Cortana. The Surface Pro 4 also has a 5MP front facing camera standard for video calling as well as a 8MP video camera on the back capable of recording 1080p video footage.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is built with a range of improvements from previous models including an updated operating system and a redesigned input system that makes using the Surface easier than ever before. However, the hybrid design of the Microsoft Surface still leaves it with a few tradeoffs for dedicated laptop users.
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