13 January 2016

5 Ways to Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly in 2016


Without getting into a never-ending debate as to the commonly circulated myth that Apple computers never get viruses, it should be stated empirically that this is just not true. Any computer connected to the internet or accessible through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can be susceptible to viruses and other assorted types of malware. That being said, everyone who has ever owned a Mac knows that the operating system is equipped with several safety features, but nonetheless, still not invulnerable. Whether from outside attack or from everyday use, there are several ways to keep your Mac running like new. Here are five ways to keep your Mac running smoothly in 2016.

Invest in Security Software

Again it must be emphasized that contrary to popular belief, Macs are simply not invulnerable. Before you do anything at all online, invest in security software that will provide strong defenses against cyber-attack. It is true that Macs are not as susceptible to viruses as PCs, but they do get them. In fact, it was just a few years ago that the Trojan attack with the name of Flashfake infected almost three-quarters of a million Macs in 2012. If you spend any time at all on the Internet it is in your best interest to check out Internet security programs such as Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac. You may recognize this as a leading antivirus, antimalware program previously called Internet Security for Mac. Newly updated with protection against major threats and continually update to insure your Mac’s security, security is a must.

Setup Routine Backups

One thing anyone knows who spends a great deal of time on their computer is to always, always, always backup your work routinely. Businesses are told to back up files at the end of each day and so too should individual PC users who want to save any changes they have made or new documents or data they have created. Scheduling routine backups helps to preserve any work you are doing in the event of data loss due to such things as power outages, power surges and even from cyber attacks. It isn’t important whether you use Apple’s automatic system for backing up your hard drive or a third party software but a routine backup can restore  your computer to the last known time it was correctly operating. If you use your computer in your line of work, this is an especially important step in keeping your Mac running smoothly in 2016.

Invest in High Quality Surge Protectors

The quickest way to fry your computer is through an unexpected power surge. There are many types of surge protectors on the market from leading manufacturers and the prices tend to run from as low as $10 for bottom of the line to over $100 to better quality devices. Today’s mobile Mac devices tend to have long battery life but if operating a desktop computer it is essential to also use battery backup as well. In this way if lightning should strike, for example, and you are working on a major project you won’t lose all that hard work when your computer shuts down due to the power surge. A surge protector and battery backup are two very important ways in which to keep your Mac running smoothly even in the event of a brownout or blackout.

Free Up Disk Space Regularly

One thing that Macs like to do is to continually write logs when in use. For this reason it is vital to have plenty of space available on your hard drive. Computers need to rely on your hard drive or perhaps a Solid State Drive (SSD) if available when extra cache is needed because your Random Access Memory (RAM) has been overloaded. Because of this it is essential to keep lots of hard drive space available but it isn’t set in stone just how much space to keep open. This depends on what kinds of programs you are running, how many system resources those programs take and other variables that determine how much memory your computer needs to allocate to the HD. The point is, to keep your Mac running smoothly and quickly, keep lots of space open.

Routine Maintenance vs. Overly Advertised Disk Utilities

Coming in at number 5 on the list of things you can do to keep your Mac running smoothly in 2016 is in the category of routine maintenance. While defragging your Mac may no longer really be necessary, disk cleanup regularly is a good suggestion. It is also important to know that you should schedule routine maintenance tasks through the included Mac software rather than using a third-party software utility.

Summing it up, while Macs are notorious for having some of the best security features and disk maintenance tools on the market, it is up to you as the user to set schedule events to keep your computer at its best. These five suggestions should help keep your Mac running smoothly throughout 2016 and beyond.
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  1. Thank you for really useful tips, Debarpan!
    In my opinion, cyber security is not just an empty word today. Few years ago only huge companies had to care about data security now it is necessary for very single internet user. I know that cloud services like Ideals data room can provide necessary level of security.