2 January 2016

Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Mac

We are all impressed with the smooth running of the Apple Mac OS X as we compare with the contemporary Windows OS like Vista or Windows 7. However, there are times when your Mac might be slowing down as you put in more stuffs in your hard drive and work the system hard. That is perhaps a good time to evaluate where the bottleneck could be and clear it.

In this post we’ll be sharing tips we found useful in speeding up the Mac. While most of the tips do not cost you extra bucks, they also help you to clean up your Mac to not only make it run fast like cheetah, but also keep it as powerful as lion. So spend some time to get really well with these tips, then you’ll be smiling happily as you run your Mac smoothly.

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Managing Startup Items

Start up items could cause your mac to be slow to boost up. The faster your mac boosts up, the better your system’s performance. A lot of apps that may not be necessary could boot up during the startup process which causes your mac to literally when on them in order to start up. You could control these by deselecting the unnecessary ones. Just go to System Preference then on to Users and Groups. Click on your Username and select “Login Items”. Uncheck all the items that are not necessary on the time of start up.

Updating your Operating System

Macs are usually self sufficient. Keep your system up to date by ensuring that you always have the latest version of OS installed. View the OS X systems you have by selecting the apple icon which is locate at the top left hand corner of the mac screen. When you select “about this mac”, you'll be able to see the version that is currently installed.

Hardware Clean

A slow mac could sometimes mean some housecleaning needs to be done. If your mac space is limited, you may be seeing your system operating slower than it should. Cleaning your mac may see your system getting more space on your hard drive that can contribute to a faster processing speed. You could visit your hard drive info and remove everything which is slowing it down from temporary files to apps that are no longer in use. There are a number of mac cleaner software that could help give your mac a boost. CleanMyMac2 is one of the best software to do a thorough clean of your hard drive. CleanMyMac2 will recognize the files which are deemed removable and will root them out so that your system can move freely.

Increased Memory

You could do a little research on the type of RAM you will need that is compatible with your mac. Before you go ahead, please review the overall cost and benefits so that you get a full understanding of what you are getting into. If you are not too apt on installing it yourself you may also wish to find tips on how to install RAM or you can opt to get it done professionally.

Get rid of Temporary Files

Over time the number of temporary files and Cached pages will add up to a big pile of junk. Most of the time these unwanted files are useless and getting rid of them will mean a faster mac. Memory Diag makes emptying your cache simplified with just the click of a button. Once installed, an icon is placed in the memory bar and you could improve the performance by clicking the button to lower the compressed memory and clean the cache. Memory Diag also tell you which applications are using up the most memory.

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There are a number of options that you may wish to consider when your mac is not performing good. It is always best to start with a hard drive clean. One of the fastest ways to speed up the performance of your mac is to do a thorough clean of your hard drive.Make sure to follow ups are done with a software which constantly monitors your system and tells you when performance get slow down.
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  1. These same tips will apply to Windows as well. I use an application to get rid of temp files automatically and search for big files that I don't usually use.

  2. Great tips!I need to get rid of the temp files on my PC.

  3. Thanks for this guide! I plan on switching to Mac very soon, so I'm keeping this guide bookmarked :)

  4. I do the same on windows on a weekly basis for fast and easy surfing.