23 July 2016

Ways to Educate your Kids about Online Security

Online security of kids is the biggest challenge for parents of teenagers. The online activities are fun for kids and it should be harmless in all the ways. There are times when children get involved with dangerous activities without even knowing that they are on the wrong track. Social media interactions can be actually dangerous for kids and it will be surprising for you to know that many kids have suffered because of the negative impacts of online security.
Safety of kids depends on the control of their parents on their activities. Parents need to be very particular in knowing about their children in the best way.

There are seven things to consider for keeping the safety of children online:

1) Right postings: Make your children aware of the act that whatever they post on their respective profiles will influence their life for the long run. Keep a check on their activities by installing spy software on their mobile phone and getting all information about everything they do on their phones.

2) Online Activities of Parents: Parents influence their children the most and this is the main reason for them to remain a perfect role model. With this regard, they are expected to behave in an appropriate way and set an example for online relations. It is not preferable to add every detail about you and your family to avoid your children to become prey of predators.

3) EXIF Data: All the necessary information about your pictures; Geo location and personal areas should be avoided. It will not enable you to spread all the information about children and there will be fewer chances for others to know about your activities in detail. Kids should keep in mind that EXIF data options are turned off in camera.

4) Fake Accounts: There are many children who make accounts on the names of others for the purpose of cyber bullying or other similar issues. Parents can keep a check on such things and contact the authorities in case of any duplicate or illegal accounts.

5) Online Deception: You need to tell your children about the ways to identify online deception. The kids should reveal all the negative or awkward situations to you and give you an option to get indulged in friendly relation with them.

6) Responsiveness: Parents need to know their kids and it is feasible with cyber spying on them. If they suspect any issue, it should be immediately captured and parents must response in a positive way to all the concerns related to their kids.

7) Keep kids safe: It is the responsibility of every parent to keep their children safe. It is feasible with filling out the right details with all mandatory checklists.

Your kids can remain free from hassles of online world only if they are taught to deal with them in the most appropriate way. mSpy is widely used mobile spy software for spying and it can be your right selection for knowing your kids in depth

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  1. Hi Debarpan ,
    it is not easy to know what the kids do in the internet.
    These days it can be dangerous ,good if the parents can
    have control. First time I hear of mSpy ,good to know there
    is a tool like this .
    Thank you fro sharing.

  2. Hello Debarpan, I bought a tablet for my grandson and had no idea how to go about educating him on the to do's and not to do's online..
    Your post was very helpful.
    Chery :))