17 February 2016

3 Types of Devices for the Traveling Blogger


3 Types of Devices for the Traveling BloggerBeing a travel blogger isn’t easy – it’s not like you’ve got a comfortable office and an organized file to keep all the records from your trips. Fortunately, mobile devices can be just as practical in your daily travels. They’ll help you store the details of your trip, edit your photos or videos and easily share your content to your community. Here’s a selection of top apps for travel bloggers.Whether you're a traveling blogger who is attending a business conference or a dedicated travel blogger who explores and writes about the world, you need the best tools to get the job done. The following three types of devices offer specific functions and features that you should consider when blogging while on the go:


A great smartphone is important for any serious blogger. It equips you with a reliable camera that is both discreet and powerful, and the pictures are easily transferred or shared between your smartphone, laptop and tablet with cloud storage apps like Dropbox. Pictures are a huge part of blogs because they garner more traffic, interest and shares.

While most people prefer to have a proper keyboard for writing, you may feel comfortable enough on your phone to compose a full blog post. Curate your blog with the best smartphone for an easier and more intuitive touch. If you still feel hesitant, Andrew Rafter, a reviewer for Harder Blogger Faster, was challenged by LG to use the LG G4 for his blog for a two week stint. While he was skeptical at first, he went on to title the review "A Blogger's Best Friend." If you use a phone for the composition of text, consider a third-party keypad, such as Swiftkey or Swype, to make it easier to type.


Tablets are among the most useful tools for bloggers. While there are many great tablets on the market, the iPad Mini 4 may be the best for those bloggers who are always on the move. The retina display comes in at 7.9 inches, with a width of a slim 6.1mm. The A8 chip gives it a 64-bit desktop class architecture, so you won't be slowed down. The iPad Mini 4 also has a 10-hour battery life, which makes it perfect for those long days when you can't be near an outlet.

While this iPad has more real estate than a smartphone, you still may find the composition difficult. If this is your primary blogging tool, consider investing in a Bluetooth keyboard. Both Apple and Logitech make iPad-compatible keyboards that make the written portion of your blog posts a cake walk.


Laptop-tablet hybrids have taken over a huge share of the market. Think about the power of a computer in the size and mobility of a tablet. While the Microsoft Surface was the first of its kind, many hybrids have popped up since, including the Lenovo Yoga, the Asus Transformer and the Dell Inspiron. All these 2-in-1 devices come complete with keyboards that detach from the screen.

They are more compatible with certain websites, many of which you'll use while blogging. While many blog sites have apps for mobile devices, they are commonly slimmed down and don't provide the functionality of plug-ins and widgets that make your blog shine. The increased computing power also lets you be more creative in your content if you utilize embedded video or self-recorded materials. Hybrids are the best if you run a multimedia blog.
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  1. Hi Debarpan ,
    For me blogging on small devices is difficult ,
    I had a tablet with me while traveling ,but I did not use it to blog.
    As far as I saw ,one of my friends has it, the iPad mini 4 is really the best and
    most convenient here.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Debarpan

    Although I have a SmartPhone and a tablet I'm a bit old-school and will always take my laptop away with me, because I find I can work so much faster with a proper keyboard.

    Still - it's good to know what other people do, and that some bloggers find these helpful.

    Joy - Blogging After Dark

  3. Hi Debarpan,
    I agree it good to have something on the go, I love the fact that I can have my phone everywhere :)

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love my iPad, I used to carry a laptop and never invested in a tablet but someone very kindly gave me their old one when they upgraded and I've never looked back! As long as there is wifi available I'm writing on the go! I don't pay a fee for internet on it, just use free wifi wherever I am, which is becoming much easier as time goes on! Enjoy the journey!

  5. Awesome article here!

    Great perspective and some good tips along the way :)

  6. Nice post, Debarpan. I am most comfortable blogging from my notebook. It is interesting that some people have gotten comfortable blogging from Smartphones.

  7. Hi Debarpan :)
    These are very important devices to have at a traveling bloggers expense! Just makes it so much easier for us bloggers :) Great share!