29 April 2016

NexusOS Releases New Information on Implementing Skype for Business

NexusOS, a UK based IT service provider, has released new information to assist businesses in making the move to Skype for Business. They address some of the most pertinent questions people may have, as well as providing a warning in terms of keeping security tight.

Skype for Business is becoming increasingly popular, and companies like Nexus Open Systems are seeing an increase in clients who require assistance with this system. Some find that their Skype software received an automatic upgrade, others are considering installing it themselves. All, however, seem to have five specific questions.

IT company www.nexusos.co.uk has released new information help address the most pertinent questions. As a company that provides both support and training for various IT systems, including Skype and other VOIP solutions, they have come across virtually every situation known to man. By data mining their own information, they have been able to identify the biggest issues their clients most often have to deal with.

The first is that staff are often unprepared to make the transition to Skype for Business. NexusOS is able to provide training and information to make the transition go by smoothly. They provide various pieces of advice in terms of resources that a company should have available first.
The second issue that businesses struggle with is implementation time. A representative from NexusOS says: “When businesses want something, they often want it now. But they have to make sure that they do it right instead. We are there to help them set up a strategic action plan for a good transition.”

NexusOS has also noticed that companies often don’t know whether they meet the necessary technical requirements. Skype for Business is almost always compatible, but some businesses, and particularly public sector organizations, still fall behind significantly with this. This is why they always help companies create an inventory of what technology they have available, and what technology they need.

The company has also completed a piece of research that highlights the new features of Skype for Business. These include:
  1.   A new interface, which looks and feels new and updated and is far more user friendly.
  2. The ability to use ‘Call via Work’, which means that people can use the Skype for Business client to make voice calls, which are routed through their desktop phone. Many businesses struggle with this concept, but NexusOS is able to assist with that.
  3. Skype directory integration, which means that businesses can instantly connect with other Skype users. This is particularly beneficial for those who work in B2C or B2B. The Skype directory is open to business clients, enabling them to search for contacts and add them.
  4.  Call Monitor, which enables businesses to move between their Skype for Business main window, and a smaller, more compact version if they don’t participate in a call but simply want to monitor progress. They can also quickly end a call or mute it, enabling them to focus on their other roles.
  5. Rate My Call, which is a feature for administrators that enables them to access standard reports, collect call data, and export raw data that can be used for in-depth research.

NexusOS is also keen to ensure that companies educate themselves properly on Skype for Business so that they don’t leave themselves open to attacks and other problems. The NexusOS representative says: “Too many businesses just go by it alone, thinking that they don’t need to invest in proper training and installation. Doing this, however, leaves them open to significant vulnerabilities, not in the least the fact that it is more likely that they will be targeted by a virus. This, in turn, can lead to a security breach or at least compromise their security, which means that data can be lost or, worse still, shared. We are there to provide our clients with all the necessary training to make sure the Skype for Business implementation goes by smoothly. If done properly it will help to increase productivity and lower the chance of accidentally running unauthorized, unlicensed, or pirated software.”
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