15 May 2016

How to Schedule Your Post in Wordpress

How to Schedule Your Post in Wordpress
Time they say is a very important factor in anything you do and we do not have all the time in the world. It is very necessary to schedule posts so that you do not have to miss that very important meeting just because you have to write a post. All you have to do is write the post early and schedule it to publish at anytime you wish.

Some days back we showed you How to Schedule your blogger posts and this time we have decided to show you how to do the same thing in wordpress.

You can only Schedule a post to appear in the future, you can not schedule a post to appear in the past for example you can not schedule a post to appear that it was published on 1/1/2011, that is impossible, unless you have a time traveling device or you are a magician.

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Why schedule posts in WordPress ?

There are many reasons why you would want schedule some posts instead of publishing them immediately, including consistency for your readers and SEO, emulating regularity even when you are not available to publish your content, or being able to have content published just in time to match a specific event.

One of the keys to building an audience for your blog is consistency. This is also a factor for SEO, which makes it two good reasons to care about it.

It doesn’t matter whether you publish one post per day, one every tuesday or one per month: your audience will get used to that rythm and will expect that you stick with it.

There are times however when it can be hard to respect this schedule. One day you get plenty of ideas and write three articles in a row, and the next week is so hectic you don’t get a chance to write a single word.

And when you go on a vacation for two weeks, you may not want to bring along your laptop and force yourself to stick to your usual schedule for once.

Or let’s say you want an post published just in time for a specific event, but you will be to busy or unavailable to hit the publish button when the time actually comes (Announcing black friday sales? Want to publish a Merry Christmas post on your blog while you are enjoying the holiday with your family?)

The solution to all of these is simple: schedule your posts in WordPress! Write your posts ahead of time when you have the time or when the inspiration strikes, and schedule them so they get published automatically at the right time!

How to schedule posts in WordPress?

Scheduling a post in WordPress is very simple and takes just a couple of clicks. The future is somewhat hidden however so it might not seem obvious at first.

  •  Log into your wordpress admin page/Dashboard

  •  Select your post Editor

  • After writing your posts normally, on the right hand side of your dashboard you will see the publish button, you will also see an Icon that looks like a calender beside it is Publish Immediately Edit.

  •  Click on the Edit and a small box will appear, see screenshot below :

All you need to do now, is select the day and month, year and time you want your post to publish and Click on the Ok button. Immediately you do this the Publish button will change to Schedule button, click on it and you are done.Now your post will be publish at the time you have scheduled it

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However, you probably don’t want to publish all those posts on the same day. That could overwhelm your readers. Instead, schedule the posts to publish in the future.So using this trick you can schedule your posts very easily.

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  1. Very good article, thank you. I do use the post schedule facility in Wordpress as I often have several posts on the go in draft so when they are finished I schedule them to be posted at a regular interval.

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Hi Debarpan ,
    Good post for people who did not know about this .
    I discovered this a while ago and I think it is great
    to be able to use this sometime if ,like you write ,we want to go
    for vacation or can not post for another reason.
    Thank you for this helpful post.

  3. So many don't know about this feature on Facebook. It's a money savor too! Very easy to use. So wonderful that you posted how to use it . Thank you!

  4. Debarpan,
    Your blog looks great :-)

  5. Hi Debarpan

    To be able to schedule a post helps in Time management. Wordpress does give people the ability to schedule as much content as you can come up with. This is a great tutorial and will be appreciated by bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  6. Hi Debarpan,

    I am so glad you wrote about this. I do this quite often because of those times when "you never know what life hits you with" or if you are going on vacation.

    This is a tutorial that is great for every WordPress Blogger to know. I will spread the word!


  7. Hi Debarpan,
    I was knowing that how to schedule a post in WordPress but you have done a great job, Ir will be a great help for newbies.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Debarpan

    A very informative post!

    Thanks fro sharing

  9. Hi Debarpan,
    This is a very helpful future that will let you enjoy your break and have a blog post going out at the same time. Thank you for sharing!