17 June 2016

5 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

5 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block
Most times it comes to a point in blogging when a blogger actually lacks idea about what to write or lacks the creativity to write. This is most times referred to as writer's block.

According to wikipedia, writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author or a writer loses the ability to produce a new write up. The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to been able to write about the little ideas gathered.

Writer's block can also manifest when a writer views his or her work as inferior or unsuitable.
I t was first described in 1947 by psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler. Another Author, Mike Rose, defined writer's block as an inability to begin or continue writing for reasons other than lack of basic skills or commitment.

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When a writer enters this stage, writing becomes a very difficult because it's as if he or she is new to writing and finds it difficult to put words together and even when he or she does, the piece will actually look incomplete and does not really make sense to the writer.

Causes of Writer's Block

1. Lack of Inspiration/Motivation - This is actually a very big problem for writers. when they do not get that inspiration or motivation to write, it just looks as if their whole world is crumbling and this can actually lead to most bloggers just copying posts from other blogs.

2. Distraction - Been distracted while writing can also lead to writer's block. Most times when am writing and probably chatting with friend's on social medias, i get blocked temporarily and it would actually take a while for that inspiration to start flowing again and in most cases it doesn't come at all.

3. Fear of Reader's satisfaction - The fear that comes with writing an article that your readers would love can be sometimes be troubling. You may not be satisfied after writing an article hence you will conclude that it won't please your readers so you will end up not writing or publishing the article just because you feel it will be heavily criticized by your blog readers and do not not want to publish a sub-standard article.

4. Adverse circumstances in a writer's life such as physical illness, depression, emotional traumas, financial pressures and sense of failure; All these can lead to writer's block. It is very hard, for a writer to write well under these circumstances.
5. Inability to incubate ideas - Most times you might just go through this stage of not been able to incubate ideas that flow in and when this happens, you can not write them down.

It has been suggested by some doctor's that writer's block is more than just a mentality. Under stress, a human brain will shift control from the cerebral cortex to the limbic system. The limbic system is associated with the instinctual processes, such as "fight or flight" response; and behavior that is based on deeply engrained training.

The limited input from the cerebral cortex hinders a person's creative processes, which are replaced by the behaviors associated with the limbic system. The person is unaware of this change which may lead them to believe they are creatively blocked.

How to Overcome writer's block

  • Get some air
Writing means sitting and sitting means no good for your body and mind. If you’re stuck, try getting some fresh air. Go for a walk, move a little bit and enjoy the sun if possible. Simply go outside. As little as 10 minutes of walking already elevates your heart rate, besides being outside feeds your brain with much needed oxygen and if you’re lucky you just might meet someone you know for a quick chat. Don’t think about writing though, just relax. Your mind will thank your for that for letting you be creative again!
  • Change the environment
Human beings are in general creative. More or less so depending on how we’ve been raised, but creativity isn’t simply in your genes. It’s our brains processing what we’ve done, seen and experienced. If you’re sitting at the same desk all the time, of course it might get boring. Change the environment when you right!

  • Blogger’s Insurance
Creative work doesn’t have formulas to plug in for answers. Sometimes creative work depends on those moments when you’re feeling most inspired, which is a huge reason why many bloggers don’t end up keeping a regular schedule. So, take advantage of the days when you are feeling inspired and use that energy to write an extra post or two. The best thing about keeping a blogging calendar is that you can plan ahead and have posts just waiting for you to publish. On your good days, you’ve created several posts and then you have them queued up ready for publishing. Think of this as your blogging rainy day fund.

  • Go for something personal
If you’re a blogger and just cannot come up with a post, go for something personal. It doesn’t always have to be viral and it doesn’t have to be a long post also. Just write about a memory of yours, describe how messy your room is and what do you want to change about it, talk about what you like to do on a weekend or tell a story about your first pet. Look into the future and tell your readers, what would you love to do this year. You will definitely have enough to say when it comes to personal things. And this might just be a start for writing another post, when you’re all warmed up.

This might not work for book authors if you’re having a fixed topic, but even then – try exploring your personal experiences. If you’re stuck on a character, use people around you, if you’re stuck on a location, go for your hometown or describe the last airbnb room or a hotel you booked for your last vacation.

  • Fetch topics from other sites
If you’re totally stuck, tried everything and your page is still blank simply because you have no inspiration for a subject to write about, try using ideas other people have listed. There are thousands of lists out there.Another good way of starting a post when you have no idea what so ever is reading other blogs, news articles or magazines. Find successful blogs and look at their archive. Never ever copy! But feel free to extend or talk about a topic someone’s covered already. If you found a good DIY, try another approach, if you’re sharing recipes, maybe you can turn one into a healthier version, or veganise it? If you’re a beauty blogger, write about other red lipstick shades your fellow blogger didn’t have in a post.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and if you’re trying to do so you’re going to have a rocky road ahead of you. There are days, you can blend in a little bit. Besides, talking about something that’s happening at that moment might get you more traffic too!

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When you start applying these methods, you will find out which ones work best for you, and discover that writer’s block is nothing but a mere speed bump in a long, sucessfull road to writing. Tell us your best techniques to overcome writer’s block in the comments.

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  1. Hi Debarpan

    The greatest writers block is trying to impress others with your content. It is the reason why the rest you have mentioned occur. I agree with the methods to overcome writer's block especially taking notes when you are in the inspiration mode.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  2. Debarpan,
    Writers block as an inability to begin or continue writing for reasons other than a lack of basic skills or commitment - Mike Rose

    I strangly enough find this subject resonating with me for the first time in a long time. I didn't really quite know what was wrong this week, I have no blog post for either of my blogs. Now I understand why. Writers block.

    The causes you listed are similar to my reasons It wasn't lack of inspiration or motivation as I am working on a new site. I do want to do well with my expert author article for PAC and am worried about being criticized. I do get lots of ideas after reading others blogs. The doctor's suggested mental block about stress and the human brain was very interesting.

    I also liked the suggestions on overcoming writers block. Go for a walk, change location, save articles when feeling creative. Write about something personal.
    All very good suggestions to help when writers block happens to us.

  3. It's always so good to have usable prompts to help you out of the block. Sometimes prompts are useful, other times you just need too walk away from the computer for a while and come back to it with a fresh outlook.

    Enjoy the journey!

  4. Hi Debarpan ,
    Good tips for writers blog .
    I am happy not to have this ,my problem is that most of the time ,I can not sit down when I feel inspired, this is usually when I am working on other things.And after I lose often some of the words and have to find them again. Your tips here are good to use for people with a writer blog .
    Thank you

  5. HI Derbarpan,
    You really have crafted a very nice post. But whenever i am out of ideas for writing any post then I look for the sites like Quora.com to grab some ideas to write new content.
    And also it was an inspirational pots very well written,
    Thanks for sharing.