23 July 2016

How Reliable are Tech Review Sites- Truth about Online Reviews

How Reliable are Tech Review Sites- Truth about Online Reviews
Most of us these days look up the internet for information and reviews before we actually proceed to buy a cell phone, laptop, software, electronic equipment, etc.The more wary ones do a thorough research even before sending on a bottle of shampoo or buying a new anti wrinkle cream.We go through the reviews left behind by earlier users before we make up our mind whether to buy the product under consideration or not.But then, is it the right thing to do?Is it a good idea to base one’s decision to buy or reject the product under consideration on the basis of online reviews?How reliable are these reviews?And how much, if at all, can we trust these tech review sites?

How Reliable are Online Reviews?

Here is the entire truth about online reviews and why you need to keep your eyes and ears open to avoid being misled.To begin with, reviews are highly subjective.They can depend upon various things:
  • Place
  • Time
  • Personal opinion
  • Individual taste
  • Budget, and
  • Mood

What are Tech Review Sites?

There are a number of sites which provide reviews about services like hosting and designing, products like mobile phones and laptops, softwares, etc. to their readers with a view to educate and inform them.Before you take any decision, check out whether these reviews have been left behind by consumers or by ‘experts’?Reviews left behind my previous users and consumers are more likely to take up finer points and be more specific while experts usually talk about general issues.Experts base their opinions on the basis of their experiences during the trial period and it is very likely that they miss out on some serious problems and drawbacks.
Even if they do carry out comprehensive analysis before voicing their opinion online, you must check out whether the reviews are genuine or fake.FAKE REVIEWS, you might want to ask?Yes!!!Since reviews have been known to influence sales, many companies pay individuals and experts to ‘plant’ reviews for them.Some reliable sites like Amazon and Yelp have been taking strict action against those trying to put up fake reviews. Inspite of it, 51% of the reviews found over the internet are suspected to be fake.How can you make a genuine review from a fake review?
Check this infographic below to know more about all the tech review sites:
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  1. Thank you for the information on the truth about review. I am one of those people who never paid much attention to review. I always buy on hunch and feel. But lately I have started paying attention to review. Recently I had a car tire issue and did check out what others are saying about some tire change places. I was surprised by what I found out. It did save me some painful experience. I will say reviews are worth it.

  2. Good advice. I do pay attention to reviews but regardless of what the product is I tend to form a consensus of the mid-range and worst reviews and ignore the glowing comments. The problem of fake reviews has been around for a long time, it's an issue that authors are constantly battling with online book marketing sites.