26 September 2020

How to Deal With Negative Comments the CREATIVE Way?

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If you run an online community service where others are encouraged to participate with their own thoughts, you’re sure to come across negative comments throughout your blog or forum’s life. While negative comments may be one of your greatest fears as a social media participant, they are a reality. Furthermore, the way that you deal with negative comments can either make or break your online reputation—and the reputation of your business.

Why does anyone leave negative comments?

Mostly because of TWO reasons people will leave negative comments on any site.
  1. They need ‘attention’ (or)
  2. They think your blog post is a ‘bull shit’
Let us discuss the above two points more clearly.
They need attention: Blogosphere is totally crowded. One can’t easily stand out from the crowd if they leave ‘just another comments’, agree?
When your blog posts receive adequate number of comments, it becomes hard to get noticed. This is why few people prefer leaving negative comments to grab others attention.
They think your content is a bull shit: This is actually GOOD. Because? This kind of people will read your entire content (at least they spend enough time to know the meat of your content). When you find these comments, ask them either to;
  • Guest post on your blog (on the similar topic) or
  • Email them about describing the same topic
If they respond to you – it’s good for you and your blog. If not, ignore.

Here are few simple tips to handle negative comments on your blog

Ignore: if you found any negative comments on your blog – simply ignore them. It’s as simple as that. Don’t look at those comments, start working on your next blog posts. Ignoring is the best way to hurt negative commenters.
Accept criticism: don’t expect the positive comments all the time. Blogging is an online business, when you’ve something to share with others – even they’ve all the rights to share their opinions with you.
In fact, handling negative comments can increase your professionalism.
If you’re responding to the negative comments in a great way, it not only boost your blog’s credibility but you’ll also be creating great impact on the negative commenters.
In the long run, they might become loyal to your blog, who knows?
So always be ready to accept the criticism on your blog – especially when you write something UNIQUE. Do I’ve to say unique content always have the chance to get more negative comments (because unique content is less seen, so people can’t obey your points when they find something totally irrelevant).
[note]When you’re writing unique points, make sure you’ve SOLID back up points to support your post. Otherwise your post may end up attracting more negative comments.[/note]
Thank them: Really.. thank the negative commenters this time. Why?
For pointing out your mistakes in the post.
If you think your content is flawless and totally engaging, then you don’t actually need to listen to the negative commenters. If not, you should be thanking them for giving their feedback.
Just respond back to them, saying – I’ll be writing more detailed articles in the future, thanks for your feedback.
This way you’re not only grabbing their attention, also you’re encouraging more people to leave thoughtful comments on your blog posts.
Blog commenting section is the starting point to build a thriving community around your blog.

In a nutshell:
When you find negative comments on your blog… do following things
  1. First off, confirm whether it’s a legit comment or a troll
  2. Don’t do anything (just ignore)
  3. Delete the comment (bad strategy! but good for you when you’re an absolute beginner!!)
  4. Welcome them & respond well (either by emailing & asking them to guest post on the similar topic OR simply say thanks)
  5. If the comment purpose is just made to attack you – kick them out of your blog, scold them and don’t allow his future comments.
How do you handle negative comments on your blog? Any extra tip?
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