16 July 2016

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog?

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog?
Organic traffic is very important for all the bloggers. A blog can be called as a successful blog only if it is getting enough organic traffic. Blog which is getting social media traffic mainly and very less search engine traffic cannot be called as a very successful blog. Increasing organic traffic may not be easy if everything is not been done properly. The sole purpose to write this blog post is make my readers understand that why their blog’s organic traffic may not be increasing.As per me, organic traffic can be increased only if everything is been done properly.

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One mistake and your blog’s organic traffic may start decreasing or it may not increase after a particular level.More organic traffic will increase your blog’s revenue and you may definitely be able to achieve your blogging goals.If you’ve the focus and have been doing everything properly, then nothing will stop you from getting best search engine rankings which will bring more organic traffic to your blog.


Optimise for your personas, not search engines. First and foremost, write your buyer personas so you know to whom you’re addressing your content. By creating quality educational content that resonates with your ideal buyers, you’ll naturally improve your SEO. This means tapping into the main issues of your personas and the keywords they use in search queries. Optimising for search engines alone is useless; all you’ll have is keyword-riddled nonsense.

Blog Away

 Blogging is perhaps the most effective way to increase your organic site traffic. It lets you go into more depth than your website allows and creates a large catalogue of helpful, persona-optimised content centred on your market niche. However, poorly-written, spammy or too-cheap content can do more harm than good. Avoid it.

Plug into the Blogosphere

 The blogosphere is a reciprocal sort of place. Read, comment and link to other people’s sites and blogs, particularly those operating in your market, and they’ll hopefully read, comment and link to yours, attracting more prospects.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Don’t just go with the most popular keywords in your market. Use keywords that are more specific to your product or service. In time, Google and other search engines will identify your website or blog as a destination for that particular subject, which will boost your content in search rankings and help your ideal customers find you.

Get Your Meta Down

 The meta title, description and keyword/s are the three key ingredients for an optimised web page or blog post. It’s simple but effective.

Consistently Create Quality Content

 Try to write and publish as often as possible, but not at the cost of quality! The more quality content you have on your website or blog the more opportunities you create for organic traffic to come your way.

Use Internal Links

 Once you’ve built up a decent back catalogue of content you can link to it in blogs and on your website, guiding visitors to more relevant content. This can keep visitors on your website for longer, which helps boost your search rankings. Don’t, however, overuse internal links; too many and it starts to look like spam.

Encourage Incoming Links

 Google prioritises sites that have a lot of incoming links, especially from other trustworthy sites. Encourage clients, friends, family members, partners, suppliers, industry mavens, friendly fellow bloggers – anyone, really – to link to your site. The more incoming links you have the higher your site will rank.Blow your own trumpet. You can also link to your content yourself, on your own personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc – no spamming, mind.

Use Social Media

 Build a presence on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. All of these activities help to get your name out and website address out on the internet. Put in the effort and you will get traffic from it.

Exploit Metrics

 Use something like Google Analytics to track visitors to your site and blog. Being able to see where they come from and what keywords they searched for allows you to fine-tune your content

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If anyone tries to tell you building organic traffic is easy, don’t listen to them. If you’re looking for a quick fix, We're afraid you’re not going to find it here. Building organic traffic is the hardest work you’ll ever put in to your website. With that being said, it’s also the greatest investment of time and effort you can make.

In the days of Facebook promoted posts and Google AdWords, the instant gratification of shelling out a few bucks for immediate traffic is highly appealing. But it’s not sustainable. You’ll get traffic now, but what happens when you stop paying? Will your content ever be found again?

Organic traffic means the content you put on your website today will drive traffic tomorrow, next month, next year, and probably even several years from now. That’s why it’s worth the effort. You don’t see that kind of ROI from paid traffic.

When it comes to getting more organic traffic there are good ways and there are better ways. There are also some downright awful ways that should be avoided at all costs. Here we touched almost all of them in detail. If you’re ready to put the work in and increase your organic traffic the right way, these are the things you need to start doing.
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  1. Hi Debarpan,
    Organic traffic how to.
    Sound ideas. Particularly plugging into the blogosphere you read them and they reciprocate Long tail keywords specific to your service, meta titles and consistent quality content I liked the part about Google Analytics for tracking keywords and where people visit you from. Great article I want to share this.

  2. Hi Debarpan

    What an excellent post on getting organic traffic and your tips are spot. Getting organic traffic takes a lot of work and it is not for the faint hearted .

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  3. Hi Debarpan,

    I like that you mentioned that getting organic traffic is hard work. I have been doing it for a few years now and it is work, but work that I love to do. If one enjoys it they will get far in organic traffic. On the other hand if one expects a quick fix....I say get off the internet and get a job. lol


  4. Hi Debarpan,

    Like how you've laid out this post with attention getting sub-headlines. That's not easy as it looks!

    You've included some good ideas about getting targeted traffic without using gimmicks or buying advertising. I might add that SEO, blog traffic and the like is more like a marathon than a race.