11 August 2016

Why Use WordPress for Your Blog?

Why use WordPress for your blog?

If you’re starting a blog on WordPress, or if you have an existing one and are looking for a change, WordPress is one of the main blogging platforms for you to consider using.  There are many reasons why you should use WordPress, and here are our main ones.

Open source

WordPress is an open source platform, meaning that any developer in the world is able to build plugins that are available for download and use through WordPress.  This gives webmasters and bloggers a huge amount of freedom when it comes to functionality, allowing them to – theoretically – build a website for any purpose they wish.
With it being open source, there are also a tonne of WordPress themes available for bloggers to choose from.

Choice of themes

If you’re starting a blog on WordPress, or if you have an existing one and are looking for a change, there are hundreds of thousands of themes available for you to use.
They’re split between two types; free and premium.  The choice of free blog themes is incredible and there is a great range of choice for bloggers.  Premium templates start incredibly cheap too and will often come with some great plugins, so represent exceptional value for money.

Great for SEO

The WordPress platform is an excellent choice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Bloggers have full control over how their URLs appear through the permalinks section of the administrator dashboard, and URLs are really easy to make search engine friendly. 
Furthermore, there are some great SEO plugins available, both free and paid-for, which will give bloggers and webmasters instant feedback on the quality of their content from an SEO perspective.  Yoast SEO is perhaps the pick of these plugins.

Easy to learn and manage

One of the big advantages of WordPress is how easy it is to pick-up and get familiar with.  If you’re at all familiar with content management systems, it is likely you will feel right at home with WordPress within a few minutes of installing it.
Even for newcomers, things are pretty straight forward.  The back-end if clean and simple with navigation intuitive.  In the unlikely event that do you struggle to get to grips with WordPress initially, there are tonnes of tutorials and online help articles available, so the chances are that things will quickly fall in to place.

Easy to update

With some content management systems, you can end up pulling your hair out when trying to update themes/templates and plugins or controls.  Joomla for example can become incredibly frustrating when you begin trying to update old plugins.  To update the platform itself to the latest version, it is a manual process, and often infuriating.
WordPress is frustration-free for the most part.  Even when the WordPress platform itself is updated, you can turn on automatic updates and the platform will email you to confirm that your install has been upgraded to the latest version. Quick and easy. Installing WordPress is also extremely easy, most hosting providers have 1-click installations!


Finally, WordPress is one of the most secure platforms that you can build a blog on.  Being an open source solution that is used by millions of websites worldwide, it is a target for hackers.  However, WordPress take security seriously and the automatic updates above are a great help when ensuring your version is the latest available and so includes all of the latest security features.

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  1. I have heard a lot about WordPress and they have lots of good reviews. I guess it the best for blogs.

  2. I agree that Wordpress is still the best. One quick question though - the free theme I uploaded seems to have set the title of the blog with the date it was written on the link. Is there another way to change it?

  3. I guess it is too late now for me since I had been on Blogger since the start almost 10 years ago. If I get an idea for a new blog, will check Wordpress out.

  4. I have been with Blogger myself since 2003, but I'm not closing my doors with Wordpress. I actually have a Wordpress account and I'm still learning how to go about with it.

  5. I'm still using blogger and been using since very long time.. Wanna try wordpress but... Seems like it's many things to change.. Lazy.. lol

  6. Yes! I use wordpress too and I agree that it's good. I prefer using wordpress to other platforms. Thanks for promoting wordpress!

  7. Interesting! But unfortunately i have used blogger since the day i started blogging but maybe i can think about it if i make a new blog

  8. i'm still using blogger. i first started a blog more than 10 years ago and it was on blogger. when i recently decided to re-start a blog again, i first went to wordpress, but found it less user-friendly than blogger, hence i switched back.

  9. When it comes to security, I surely agree on using WP. I just remmeber the news about an artist who is using blogspot. all of his content has been wiped out! That sure is scary!

  10. I once had a blog on wordpress.com. I`ve read in a lot of articles that Wordpress is great if you host your own website because like you said, there are many plug-ins. However, I`m still confused on how to utilize Wordpress.org.

  11. I started with blogspot and like the ease there at the start. Wordpress takes more time to get used to but looks more professional and SEO friendly.

  12. Wordpress has a lot of features that's perfect for bloggers. Their plugins are really helpful as well. It's one of my favorite blogging platforms but blogspot will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. I've been using blogger since beginning! When I began blogging I found WordPress difficult to handle..

  14. I like your review on WordPress. However, blogspot is my fav still. Can't say if i'd switch later in the future but for now - I feel so cool with Blogspot. Many thanks for the info.

  15. Really before I wanted to change my blogs to WP but I find it hard than Blogger. I used blogspot for my blogs though.