9 October 2016

5 Best Fashion App for Android

5 Best Fashion App for Android

Many of us are now doing most of their activities. Today there is no need to go outside for doing anything. We can now make the transaction while sitting at home, we can order the food only, and we can buy any kind of product from everywhere and anywhere.
Today there is no need to pick the key, went for shopping, search different stores to find the desired product, pay the bill and then come back to home.
The hard physical job for doing shopping is now become so easy. You can do your shopping just by doing few clicks and taps and then the product is at your door.
This is the era of technology, everyone has its own personal smartphone. Everyone used the android APP of his interest. People who love fashion, mostly download the fashion related Android App in their mobile just to avail the latest information about fashion.
Let’s discuss the top five best Fashion App for Android.

1- StyleWe: Women Online Shopping

Every woman wants to wear new and upcoming style so this APP takes care of women’s wish.
All stuff in this APP is based on women’s interest. Not only the latest fashion and wide collection of different brands is displayed in this APP but all these stuff are sold at an affordable price. The Daily Flash Sales are offered 60% off.
This app introduced more than 100 brands and designer, total 300 plus latest items every day.  StyleWe allows, Affordable and Standard Shipping Cost with a 30 days exchange and return policy.

2- Pose

If you are crazy about fashion and love to talk about fashion, then “Pose”, the 2nd Best Fashion App for android allows you to share your outfits, same like you post your picture in instagram. Share your latest outfit directly with this APP, Post it and share your style with your follower. Discuss your fashion style with others and keep this activity carry with the help of POSE.

3- PS Dept

Get the stylists consultancy and directly buy the same advised outfit.
If you are one who don’t know about the style, but you are looking for the person who guides about what outfit will suit on your personality and will give a latest style to you. So PS Dept is here to help you out. Pose, Third best Fashion App for Android, giving the opportunity to have a free access to expert advice like Stella McCartney, Net-A-Porter, Chloe, Derek Lam and Well-known stylists anytime everywhere. You can ask whatever you want, no matter if you are searching a wedding or party wear consultancy. The fashion well known consultancy Dept is in your hand.

4- Stylect - A footwear online shop

Up to 50,000 shoes styles are showcased in this APP. Wide range of designer shoes including Nike, Christian Loboutine Shoes is listed in this APP. You can select the best footwear of your choice and can directly buy through this app by creating a Shoe Wish List.

5- Keep Shopping

Add the product from different store, just in one same shopping cart.
Buying the product from different store and the rush of shopper makes you irritate and unsafe that either you have everything in your hand or not. The same happened in online store. Put the product in specific shopping cart of any brand and click to purchase one by one waste your time.
The Android App named “Keep Shopping” is Universal Mobile Shopping Cart which allow the mobile user to purchase the product from different online stores just all in one checkout.
Above was a 5 best fashion App for android which is gaining the popularity just because they are fulfilling the demand of the user in a fashion industry. Many other applications also serving the fashion industries in different perspective. But here are the best 5 App for you.
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  1. Got curious on the list- this will definitely help me. downloading 2 in the list now. Thanks!

  2. Nice list you got! Definitely my source of OOTD inspiration.

  3. Very good recommendation. When I do shopping online I got to the Net. I never use any shopping apps from my cell phone.

  4. am so amazed of the different apps we have for various usage..even fashion has its apps...these would be very helpful for us bloggers )

  5. Now this are great sites to follow to know the latest fashion trends.

  6. I love shopping so I might try these apps that you recommended. Hope they had great deals

  7. I think I'm gonna try the Keep Shopping app, it's one handy app for online shoppers.

  8. I have to check this Apps on my phone though I love to shop online through my laptop.