18 October 2016

Advanced Content Marketing Guide

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Advanced Content Marketing Guide
With the intention of obtaining customers and boosting website traffic, a lot of businesses start focusing more on content marketing.

However just because everyone is using content marketing as a means to enhance their online presence, doesn’t mean they are doing it right.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common struggles faced by business owners while doing content marketing. We will talk about each and every aspect of content marketing, and about what matters most to it.

After reading this complete article, you will get the knowledge of solutions or things to be done to overcome the content marketing problems faced by your business.

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What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is all about creating problem solving content and sharing it for FREE to attract and convert website visitors into buyers.

In simple terms, content marketing is a strategy that uses your content to build customers to increase your sales.

In traditional marketing, you’ll make money by showing ads, publishing paid reviews, using paid membership sites etc. Whereas in content marketing, instead of showing ads to interrupt your website visitors (to make money), you’re giving away lots of valuable articles, videos, Infographics for free. The more value you create with your content, the more people will listen to you. This builds trust overtime.

Later, once you build trust, you can sell or promote the products they are looking for. Usually in content marketing, people use their email lists to make money. So the email list is the key to successful content marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them!

Benefits of Content Marketing

So why do you need an advanced guide to content marketing and what are the advantages of content marketing?

We know, most of you are already aware of the term called “content marketing” but if you are still unsure of the advantages that content marketing provides, here I’ve listed few of them.

  1. content marketing is the surefire way to turn visitors into buyers
  2. content marketing educates your readers
  3. content marketing helps you understand better about your audience
  4. content marketing boosts your sales without being pushy
  5. content marketing helps you attract quality links from other blogs

Advanced Content Marketing Strategies

  • Give Them What They’re Looking For

Keywords are important for overall SEO, but one of the most common rookie mistakes is planning every article based solely on keyword selection. Instead of relying on a list of phrases to choose your topics, take time to identify where your target market is, their pain points and what solutions they are seeking. Your content should focus on providing information that brings your target market closer to solving their problems. That’s the first trick to gaining more clicks.

  • Create the More Comprehensive Content In Your Niche

Spend some time studying your top competitor’s content. How long are their articles? What kinds of topics do they cover? Which articles have the most comments? If you want to dominate in rankings, your site needs to be better than your top competition. Use a critical eye to find areas where your competitors are failing and then offer the solutions they missed on your own platform.

  • Take Your Content to Your Target Audience

Once you have some quality content on your website, it’s time to put it out there and see how people respond. The key is to promote it in the right place. If you’re trying to attract attention from pet owners, you shouldn’t promote your articles on a political website. While you might find some pet owners that are also into politics, your pool for potential clicks is much slimmer.

Instead, take your content about pets and promote it on forums dedicated to animal lovers. Better yet, see if you can submit the article as a guest post on a popular pet owner blog with a link back to your own website. Identify the places online where your target market is already waiting and then take the content to them.

  • Keep It Reader Friendly

If you’ve added content to a blog, take a look at whether it’s visually appealing and easy to read. Is your font big enough? Is it broken into short, reader-friendly sections? If you have a huge block of tiny text, the majority of readers will quickly click away even if the information you offer is valuable.

Use lots of subheadings to break up longer articles so they are easy to skim for readers in a hurry. Add photos when applicable, especially on “how to” articles where visual aides can make a huge difference.

  • Repeat the Process

Once article isn’t enough to help you dominate your niche. You will need a steady stream of consistent content that is valuable and engaging. By providing this free content through your website, you are building trust and establishing a relationship with your readers. As you gain credibility, you’ll be rewarded richly in highly conversion rates and more affiliate sales.

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Most content marketers struggle to generate search traffic and acquire new clients. One of the best means that you can use to attract high paying clients is through word of mouth referrals.But word of mouth referrals are only possible when you offer great service, deliver on time, and make the client’s goal your #1 objective.No matter what SEO tactics you decide to implement to improve your blog’s search rankings and traffic, at the end of the day, “word of mouth” is what matters to your brand.What other strategies have you used to attract paying clients to your online business?
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