7 January 2017

Leading Safe Certification Training Course For A Good Leadership

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If an organization wants to get true success then the organization must have the ability to make good on revenue, brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and the welfare of the employees without compromising on any one at any given point. If an organization wants such change then it has to implement lean or Agile principles and practices across all levels within an enterprise.

What the course is about?

In this course, participants will be given an introduction to Scaling Agile framework. Participants will learn about embracing lean and agile values and able to understand about SAFe principles and practices. At the end of this Leading safe certification training, participants will be able to implement the agile release on its organization by experiencing project integration PI planning.
Also, participants will be provided the knowledge of executing and releasing values, how to build an agile portfolio and how to lead the lean agile enterprise. This is not only acceptable, but also perceptive and provides a rich set of features and lot of flexibility in managing an Agile development project that using the Scrum framework.

What the candidate will learn?

On accomplishment of these training, attendees those who take this course will be

  1. Able to demonstrate how lean, agile and product development flow from the foundation of SAFe
  2.  Able to explain and promote the use of SAFe
  3. Able to identify roles and structures that are required to scale Agile to the program level
  4. Learn to measure the impact and progress of scaled Agile in a program
  5. Learn how to describe how a program interacts with program portfolio management PPM


There are no prerequisites to attend this training. Instead, participants those who have prior knowledge of Scrum can get benefits from this course easily.

Who can do this course?

This course is suitable for all persons those who are working on Agile team, but it is mainly designed and developed for those who are leading the efforts to adopt and scale lean and Agile principles and practices in an enterprise transformation.
This Leading safe certification course Frankfurt can also suitable for the following professionals

  1. Managers
  2. Program managers
  3. Executives
  4. Consultants
  5. Coaches

And anyone those who are helping lead the SAFe implementation will surely get value from this certification training course. 

·         And anyone those who are helping lead the SAFe implementation will surely get value from this certification training course.

From this course, candidates will gain the knowledge necessary to lead an organization agile transformation by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework ad its underlying principles of lean thinking, and product development flow.

Participants will leave with an understanding of how the principles of this framework and the practices of this framework support lean thinking, agile development SAFe Scrum XP, and agile release train, and agile portfolio management, an architecture of agile and about the scaling leadership.

By the end of this course, participants will gain an insight into the leadership skills that is most effective in unlocking the intrinsic motivation of software development knowledge workers and begin applying the concepts in their context. Learn the course and enjoy the benefits.
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