7 March 2017

How Your Smartphone Can Help You Improve Your Blog

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Whether you’re addicted to travel, fashion, or the latest gadgets, you want to share your knowledge with the world via your blog. Here are some invaluable ways that your smartphone can help make your blog better.

Test the Mobile Experience

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Traffic to your website will suffer if your blog isn’t easy to explore on a mobile device. Using your smartphone, log in to your blog and play around a bit. Try to see things from a user’s perspective. How is the navigation experience? Does the font look as good on a tiny screen as it does on your desktop?
If you see the need for improvement, make adjustments accordingly. For blogs that don’t have any mobile-friendly features at all, you’ll have to search for plug-ins that will make your site more responsive. WordPress and Blogger both have themes that come with built-in responsiveness that will automatically make the blog adapt to the device on which the blog is being viewed.

Update Faster

When you’re attending an event that you plan to write about in your blog, why wait until you get to a computer to let your readers know what’s happening? You might not be able to write a long post about the event while you’re there, but you can use your phone to give your viewers real-time updates. Write a paragraph about something you learned, post some photos, or post a detailed vlog about what’s going on.
In order for this to work well, you need a great smartphone on a reliable network like T-Mobile. You want a phone that takes great pictures and is designed for active people. The Galaxy S7, paired with the T-mobile network, will give you the connectivity and quality that you need to craft truly awesome blog posts no matter where you are.

Improve Engagement

Part of the fun of blogging is its social aspect. You get to engage in stimulating discussions with other people who share your interests and passions. Why not use your smartphone to join the conversation? Your readers will love your faster response times, and you’ll have fun while you’re at it.
Be careful when you’re doing this. Fat finger syndrome may mean you mistype something, which can damage your professional reputation. Proofread everything before you post it.

Inform Yourself

You can’t be an authoritative voice in your chosen blog topic unless you stay up to date with the industry in general. Use your smartphone to read up on the latest news. Bookmark your favorite blogs and news websites, and follow industry leaders on social media. You’ll know what is going on, and this will give you inspiration for your own blog.
You might even be motivated to reach out to others bloggers in your niche. Your readers might like to read a guest post or read an interview you conduct with one of your fellow experts.
In addition to staying up to date, you can also perform in-depth research. Use your phone to read ebooks and scholarly articles that will enrich your knowledge and lend even more expertise to your voice.

Make Notes

You might not want to arduously type out an entire blog post on your smartphone’s little screen, but you can still make notes about or even outline your next post. Use a simple memo app — or even your email — to record little tidbits about what you want to discuss in the future.
If you want to cut back on smartphone typing as much as possible, use your device’s speech-to-text capabilities. Sure, this isn’t always accurate, but as long as you’ll be able to understand what your device writes for you, you’ll have nothing to sweat about. You could even forgo written notes altogether and record pure voice notes on your phone.


You want to provide new content in a timely manner, and one of the best ways to do this is to schedule your posts. Use your phone to keep track of what you want to post and when you want to post it. You’ll never miss a beat again!

A smartphone can truly be a blogger’s best friend.
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