26 April 2017

5 Best CDN WordPress Plugins

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5 Best CDN WordPress Plugins

Do you use CDN for your WordPress blog ? If your answer is no, then this article is for you. You have a WordPress blog. You are working hard for it, right ? Imagine, one fine morning your blog is featured on the front page of StumbleUpon. Within hours 1000s of visitors rushed to your WordPress blog. Now tell me “ Are you prepared enough to receive that much of visitors on your blog with a limited bandwidth ? ” Most probably, your answer is ‘ no ’. To avoid this awkward situation you should use CDN for your WordPress blog, preferably with a WordPress plugin. I will tell you the 5 best CDN WordPress plugins and few of them are free of cost.

Contrary to the popular belief CDN is not only meant for high traffic blogs. CDN is extremely essential for low traffic blogs also by helping your blog page loading in shortest possible time from servers located in all the corners of the World.

What is CDN ?

CDN or Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network is a service which makes the static content of your blog (Java Script,Images,Videos,CSS) load much faster on visitor’s browser.

How CDN Works ?

CDN is a collection of servers located at different places and countries, all over the World. Whenever a visitor hits your blog, the CDN serves the static page/data from the nearest possible server, there by making the page loading blazing fast. When multiple visitors visit your blog from different countries, it serves the static page/data from different servers placed at different parts of the World, there by reducing the load on a single or particular server.

Best CDN WordPress Plugins

1. MaxCDN: One of the best WordPress plugin for CDN. I personally like this CDN plugin, out of five. This is not a free plugin. This cost only US$ 39.95 for the 1st TB (terabite) or 1000 GB. Approximate Calculation: If your blog traffic is 60,000/month, then it will last for more than 18 months. There is no monthly or yearly fee. If you are not satisfied with MaxCDN’s performance, then you can ask for your money within 30 days under the 100% money-back guarantee offer.

2. CloudFlare: The WordPress plugin for CloudFlare ( free ) works wonderfully. The paid version cost US$ 20/month with advance security feature. If your blog traffic is 50,000/month or more then you should go for paid version. If your blog is getting less traffic and you are looking for a free CDN service then you should go for the free version.

3. Amazon Cloudfront CDN: This CDN is from the reputed brand Amazon. And, its reliable. Amazon Cloudfront is a paid service. You have to pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee per month.

4. WP Super Cache: A great free CDN WordPress plugin available. Simply install the plugin and after making some configuration your blog is ready to cater heavy traffic.

5. W3 Total Cache: Another free CDN WordPress plugin which amazingly decreases page load time of your WordPress blog. Install the plugin, configure and you are done.

CDN is a must for all grades (traffic volume) of WordPress blogs. And, WordPress plugin for CDN is the best way to use the CDN service. Whether you should go for paid or free version depends on your blog traffic volume.
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