6 April 2017

MakeWebVideo -Your one stop solution for Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Marketing can be considered one of the toughest jobs in the world. You may have sales copies, brochures and what not. But, videos are always the best marketing tools you can employ. They have the best ever conversion rates when you use them in your websites. But, if you know nothing about how to create a video, you are at loss. Professional video makers will charge you at least $ 500 to $ 800 per video. You can take help from  MakeWebVideo.com that help you create excellent Whiteboard Animation videos at a fraction of that price. MakeWebVideo is one such service that can be helpful in this aspect.

Who are MakeWebVideo?

Simply put, MakeWebVideo is an online Video Production Service. They help you create whiteboard animation videos for your business. We would consider it as the best option if you are a small business.
They use state of the art technology to bring your actionable videos to life. You have access to the world class Adobe After Effects software for those natural looking videos which are bound to bring more customers. The whiteboard animation software offers you tons of templates to choose from and you can preview any number of them free cost. You need to pay only for the final video that you download.

Noteworthy features of the tool

Some features that made us fall in love with this excellent software can be summed up as
·         You can sign up for free and try several templates. There is no payment involved in previewing any number of templates.
·         No need to pay any upfront amount. You only need to pay after completing the video and before downloading it.
·         The service is pleasantly affordable. You need to pay just $ 29 for the basic videos and $ 89 to $ 99 for professional ones.
·         The service works as a web based platform. That makes it best suited for use on any platform. No matter on which device you are, you can use the software.
·         The tool lets you add your custom images and text to the template.
·         The software offers 100 percent money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the final outcome, you can either get your money back – or try another video without any payment.
·         Simple and easy to use User Interface. Even a novice can easily understand the concepts involved.
·         Faster video creation is one of the features we really like. Creating a video using MakeWebVideo will not take more than an hour at the maximum.
The software is much like Do It Yourself kit you might have used since long. You have everything at your disposal. Only thing you need to do is arrange them in a proper order.
MakeWebVideo has a huge repository of templates that can be helpful in creating a wide range of videos including but not limited to whiteboard videos, logo animations, Video intros and explainer videos.

How to make Whiteboard videos?

The software offers you simple procedure for creating your videos. Follow these steps –
·         Visit official MakeWebVideo site. Login to your account. If you have not created an account before, go to Register  link and create an account. Creating an account will not attract any charges.
·         Choose the template that best meets your requirements. There are tons of templates available on MakeWebVideo. The list includes both basic and professional templates. There will be a little difference in pricing between the two.
·         Click on template to reach the video production page. Add your graphics, text and audio to the template. You can add your own videos, images and music files. This is helpful in giving personalized touch to the videos you are creating.
·         Once you fine with the video you have created, click on Produce Video.
·         This will take you the sales page wherein you can make payment and download the video.
The final video output will be in high definition. You can choose either MP4 or WEBM format for your output file. The videos are produced using the world class Adobe After Effects software. This, in itself, should make it the best option for creating your videos.


MakeWebVideo is indeed an affordable video production service by any standard. The service does not offer you any package sort of pricing. You will be priced per template basis. There is a differential pricing for different templates.
By a broad standard, the basic templates will cost you $ 29. If you opt for Professional templates, you will need to pay from $ 89 to $ 99. There is no fees payable for editing and previewing the templates. You can check different permutations and combinations of different templates. You will be charged only when  you download the video.
MakeWebVideo offers you 100 percent money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the final product, you can opt for money back, or try another video.

In Conclusion

Videos are your best friends when you want to grow your business. They bring in more sales and can work wonders for your business. Nothing can match the affordability and professionalism of MakeWebVideo in letting you create high quality whiteboard animation videos. The wide collection of templates offered by the web based software is a sure shot gateway for the success of your business.

Have you ever used the MakeWebVideo service for creating your whiteboard videos? If not, we would advise you to opt for this excellent and affordable service by creating an account with them. Just go ahead and give it a try… We promise that you will not regret your decision. 
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