31 May 2017

4 Big Reasons to Use Crowdfund Clicks For Crowdfunding Your Next Project

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There are several crowdfund marketing services to be found on the internet today. However, not all of them are created equally. You may already know of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but there are other crowdfund marketing options that you may want to consider along with launching your project. For instance, Crowdfundclicks.com has been getting some attention because it offers several advantages for those who need help raising fund for their project. In fact, you may be surprised by the reasons you should hire this service and invest some money into their marketing efforts.

CrowdfundClicks.com Uses Social Media Marketing

The first major reason why Crowdfund Clicks helps get results is because it harnesses the power of social media. It doesn’t just share your project on social media, it actually runs targeted ads to your potential customers. That means full integration, and promotion through the most popular social media channels. It gives your project aggressive, professional level marketing at a fraction of the cost that traditional marketing agencies charge. When you launch your crowdfunding project, you will be able to get your project in front of the largest audience possible across social media. With CrowdfundClicks.com, its about quality and not just quantity. With millions upon millions of people on social sites, Crowdfundclicks.com helps you attract the most views and investors by meeting consumers where they are.

No Risk Opportunity

Unlike other sites, when you test the waters with Crowdfund Clicks, you will be able to get percentage based marketing. The company has taken a strong stance against taking money from for a one-time fee. You pay startup costs to use their services and gain access to their team, but they only make money when do from the % of funds raised. If you have issues and are not happy, you can simply not pay the commissions. Everything is tracked on the crowdfunding page to see how much funding they bring in. The best part is that you only need to pay for commissions on funding Crowdfund Clicks bring you. Your funding is yours to keep. No other site has a generous percentage based partnership like this, and most will just take an upfront fee. Crowdfund Clicks creates a risk-free opportunity to test the waters, and get funded without fear that you’ll end up losing money on your venture or doing it alone.

CrowdfundClicks Review Shows Proven Results

The list of successfully funded projects, and satisfied users of this crowdfunding platform continues to grow. The company has been able to harness the power of social networking, and people have found their projects funded faster, and easier than with other pages. The company has even been able to gain notoriety through several viral campaigns, and large-scale media projects. The team behind Crowdfund Clicks know social media, crowdfunding, and stake their reputation on every user seeing results.

Relentless Promotion

Crowdfund Clicks is not just going to leave you to your own devices. When you trust them with your project, they get their proverbial hands dirty. They focus on helping you get funded, using a relentless promotion schedule that is on par with social media. That means that they work through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of promotion, to targeted profiles and individuals. Their focus is to get your project funded, without slacking, so that you are not left without the funding you need for your project. They stake their reputation on it, and that’s the difference.

Look, other crowdfunding sites make you do all the work, all the promotion, and the failure rate is quite high. Crowdfund Clicks is different. They work with you, for you, and they want you to succeed. When you succeed, they succeed, which is why they are way different than any other funding resource you may have heard about. Test the waters, and see the difference. You will be impressed, guaranteed.

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