12 May 2017

Social Media Addiction is Difficult to Quit than Alcohol !

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Social Media Addiction is Difficult to Quit than Alcohol !

Are you suffering from social media addiction ? You must have asked this question yourself sometime or other. If not, in future you will definitely. A recent study conducted in USA suggests that social media addiction is much more difficult to quit than cigarette and alcohol. I will tell you in this article – How to test yourself, you are suffering from social media addiction ? And, how to quit or rehabilitate yourself from social media addiction ?

Depression, insomnia, weight gain, irritation and lethargy are the main side effects of social media addiction in short term. In the long run it can lead to hypertension, obesity and psychosis.

Social media addiction – Self test

Ask yourself the following set of question and for every “ Yes ” give yourself 20 marks out of 100. If you secure > 60%, then you are definitely addicted to social media.
Do you have strong urge to
  • Check your Email more than twice a day
  • Update your twitter status more than once a day
  • Check your Facebook account more than once a day
  • Read your favorite blogs more than once a day
  • Access any of the above things in the midnight

Why social media is more addictive than cigarette and alcohol ?

  • Ease of reach or easy availability
  • Cheap or cost no money at all
  • Accepted as normal in society
  • Fashion statement for youngsters
  • False sense of security, of being connected with online friends

How to quit social media addiction ?

  • Try to make few good and trust worthy offline friends
  • Engage yourself with your favorite hobby in free time
  • Follow a strict time table or routine to access internet using a PC or mobile
Social media addiction steals a lot of time from our life. Using social media judiciously, we not only save precious time but also prevent the ill effects of it
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