14 July 2017

Is GoDaddy the Best Web Host Around?

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Web hosting services come in all kinds of different forms, offering a wide variety of packages and services. One of the biggest hosts to grab the market’s attention over the last few years is GoDaddy. With a catchy name and some well-developed promotional campaigns including their memorable TV ads, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for a range of online services.

In fact, the GoDaddy brand has grown to such an extent that they now offer much more than just the domain registration that they began as, they now offer web hosting SEO services and professional email. An article in Forbes describes them as a multi-billion dollar cloud-services business.

One of the first things that catches people’s attention is the ‘website for 99p’ offer and although this option is restricted in many ways, for those first starting up a website, GoDaddy is one of the easiest and cheapest web hosts to get the ball rolling with. If you are looking for more advanced features and unlimited storage, bandwidth etc. then the cheapest option will not work for you. However, GoDaddy also offer a number of different packages including a business hosting package, should you require a website for your business.

Another real attraction of the GoDaddy hosting services is the Do It Yourself options for WordPress sites, its very own site builder and online store. For those who have the experience and knowledge to get going on their own, these are a great way to keep costs down whilst producing a high quality website. If you’re in the great many that are not so comfortable setting up your own website, GoDaddy offers a Website Development service that will take care of everything for you. However, with the one click installs for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, even those without great experience will find it relatively straight forward to get a website started.

Okay so it is very clear that GoDaddy has an excellent mix of services that are readily available but how do they stack up against the other web hosting providers?

According to PCMag, GoDaddy scores 4/5 by the editor, which is bettered only by DreamHost Web Hosting and HostGator. Now it is probably worthwhile mentioning that different hosts lend themselves better to different hosting scenarios. So for example, HostGator is highly rated for its shared and dedicated hosting packages. A2 Web Hosting achieves excellent Uptime scores, which could be the most important factor for some. GoDaddy is highly regarded for its high level of customer service.

So to go back to the title question ‘Is GoDaddy the Best Web Host Around?’ we cannot give a definite answer due to the outlook that what works for one, may not work for another. It all comes down to the specific requirements that a person or business has for their website and web hosting solution. If they are looking for an easy to install WordPress site, great customer service and a wealth of different services to call upon should it be required, GoDaddy is right up there with the market leaders.

If you are looking for a web host, GoDaddy will no doubt be able to provide you with the services that you require. However, before you do make a decision on any web hosting service, have a think about what you actually want from your website and host. Draw up a plan for how you can see your online marketing develop over the next few years so that you can make a decision based around your specific situation rather than what looks like the best deal at the time.
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