18 August 2017

Cloud Hosting Services – Pros and Cons

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Cloud Hosting Services – Pros and Cons

These days a large number of cloud hosting providers are present in the market and it is quite possible to push almost any type of online application and data with a cloud hosting plan.
But, before you start making use of cloud based hosting services for your online applications or websites, you need to understand the pros and cons of using such a service. This is because without understanding the ins and outs of a service you would not be able to use these services as efficiently as you would like.

Pros of Cloud Hosting Services

1. A cloud hosting solutions is the most flexible hosting solution that would find in the market. This is due to the fact that with a cloud hosting package you have access to unlimited resources and you can make use of those resources on the basis of whether you require them or not. This means that you can change your plan details without even informing your host.
2. A cloud hosting solution is a cheaper alternative when compared to traditional hosting solutions. This is due to the fact that you are charged for only the resources that you are using and are not charged for resources that have been allocated to you, something that happens in case of a traditional web hosting plan.
3. One of the best features of a cloud hosting solution is that it requires very little set up time. This is because of the fact that cloud servers are designed in a manner that they allow for easier set up of services and hosting accounts.
4. Another great advantage of using a cloud based hosting solution for your website or your online applications is that you would be able to manage all your operations with a small IT staff. This is due to the fact that most of the server functions are handled automatically by the cloud, so you do not have to worry about traditional server functions such as load balancing, resource allocations, redistribution of resources, etc.
5. Cloud solutions are quite easy to scale. This means that even if your website grows at a very fast pace you would be able to maintain the same kind of user experience that you have been offering to your visitor without having to worry about changing hosting plans again and again.

Cons of Cloud Hosting Services

1. Since cloud solutions are centrally organized, if the cloud goes down due to some reason, your website, your control panel and your account would also go down and you would have no access to anything whatsoever till the time the cloud is back up and running. But such things seldom happen in real life due to mechanisms which are present to prevent things like these from happening.
2. While cloud based services offer unlimited resources at your disposal, they could also lead you to underestimate or overestimate your usage of resources. This could become a potential problem if your resource usage is large and lead to a hosting bill that might overwhelm you.
These are a few pros and cons associated with cloud based hosting services and you need to take these into account while deciding whether to go with a cloud hosting solution or not
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