9 August 2017

Keyword Stuffing Penalty and How to Fix it

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Keyword Stuffing Penalty and How to Fix it

Keyword stuffing is quite commonly practiced by newbie webmasters and SEO practitioners. While writing an article or web page they focus so much on SEO that, they forget that stuffing keywords might end-up their website being banned by Google.
Every webmaster wants to put his best keywords across the web page, but, that doesn’t mean he will repeat the same/related keywords 10 times in each line and Google will give the page higher rank.
Like every successful organization Google also place its user experience on the first place. And, why not ? That’s why (better user experience) Google is Google today. According to Google the results or web pages rendered by its search engine should give the best possible user experience to the searchers or web surfers. And, keyword stuffing makes the statement null.
As a webmaster you should always think about the user satisfaction first, then comes the SEO part. You should always sprinkle the keywords on your web page in a natural manner to make the article natural to a reader.

Why penalty for keyword stuffing ?

For example: There are 2 sites. Site A and Site B. There is a common keyword for both the sites, say “ Keyword Stuffing Penalty ”. If site A repeats the keyword 10 times on its page and site B 11 times; don’t think Google will always rank site B higher that site A only due to more repetition of the same keyword.
If, that would be the case, every web master would be stuffing their pages with keywords without thinking about user experience/satisfaction, making the WWW an ugly place. That’s why Google imposes penalty for keyword stuffing or over optimization for search engines.

Example of keyword stuffing

Example of keyword stuffing

Here, the webmaster is trying to rank higher for the word “ SEO services ” by repeating it frequently, throughout the page. Who knows, he might have repeated the same keyword 1000s of times by setting the font size to “0” and making it invisible by setting the font color and background color the same.

The ugly truth is, if you try to fool Google; Google will fool you. Yes, Google takes this practice very seriously and penalizes very often. B4C5TQSAYD8U

How to fix keyword stuffing ?

Review your site, either the particular pages or the whole site and remove or restructure the keywords. So that it looks natural to search engine users or readers. Once you have made the necessary changes and confident that your site no longer violates Google’s guidelines, submit your site for reconsideration HERE
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