30 August 2017

WordPress Hosting Review for Informed Bloggers

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WordPress Hosting Review for Informed Bloggers

WordPress has proved itself as the Best Blogging Platform in the blogosphere, and the demand for WordPress Hosting has been increasing exponentially, with each passing day.
I am going to present a WordPress Hosting Reviewfor bloggers to take informed decision while opting for such services.

Various options available for hosting a WordPress blog -

1. WordPress.com
On WordPress.com, you can host your blog for free, with a basic level of shared hosting. But you will get a sub-domain, like yoursite.wordpress.com.
If you want your own domain name, then it costs between US$ 18 to 25 per year.
Upgrading to WordPress Pro Bundle costs between US$ 99 to 166 per year. By upgrading, along with a domain name you will be able to upload audio and video, 10 GB extra space, no Ads and theme customization options.
A WordPress only Premium theme costs around US$ 70. Which is non-transferable if you choose to self-host at a latter date.
Automattic provides excellent security and back-up features for blogs hosted on WordPress.com.
Suitable for: Casual bloggers, who treat his blog as a personal diary without any intention of commercialization.
Cons: You can’t add plugins, themes and few other features, which are available for free on WordPress.org.
2. Self-Hosted
If you want to host your site yourself instead of WordPress.com, then there are plenty of Hosting Service Providers available at affordable rate.
But your site will be hosted on a shared server, along with other websites.
Few Best and Affordable Web hosting Service Providers are JustHost.com, HostGator.com,BlueHost.com and GoDaddy.com.
Self hosting is quite affordable and costs as little as US$ 2 Only.
Suitable for: Serious and Professional Blogger, who might consider blogging as his sole profession later on. Suitable for Casual Bloggers also for the freedom of using Plugins, Themes, Uploading audio/video, Theme customization etc.
Cons: Due to shared hosting you may experience slow uploading of your WordPress blog. You have to arrange your own security and back-ups.
3. Managed WordPress Hosting
This is just like self-hosted, but with the guidance and help of people who know WordPress better. They will take care everything, including security and back-up.
Suitable for: Established blog or large corporate Official Blog.
Cons: There is no cons except the high price. Affordable for high earning WordPress blogs or Corporate blogs, who seeks quality.
Are you happy with your WordPress Hosting Type? Share your experience in comments below
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