6 September 2017

LogoJoy: Best free logo maker

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Logo is always a unique piece of design that represents a brand or business. There was a time when most of the businesses were just typing there name to use as logo. But with the time logos are becoming attractive, People are using images, icons, signs and even alphabet to create awesome logos for their sites.
When it comes to get a free logo for your blog or business website, you need a reliable tool to create free logo for your blog.
Today I am going to share about a free logo maker which is not just a brand in logo making industry but also is the tool behind logos of sites like Techcrunch.

What is Logojoy:

Logojoy is online tool that not only help you generate free logo for your blog but also offer professional and paid services. Creating logo using logojoy is really easy and fun.
Till now millions of professionals has generated logos using this awesome tool.

How to generate logo using Logojoy:

Here are the few steps that you should follow to create free logo for your blog or website.
1) Go to Logojoy.com
2) Type name of your business or Alphabet that you want to use in “Business name” box and click on “Make Your logo” button.
3) Choose 5 designs that you want to try to create your logo and hit “Continue”.
4) In the next page, select the color theme that you want to use for your own logo.
5) In Next page, Enter the slogan or punchline.
6) Now you should select the icons you want to use in your logo designs and in register on Logojoy.com using your social network profile or email id.
7) Login to your logojoy account and you are ready to check the generated logos.

Now you see it is really easy to create free logo using LogoJoy. If you still have any question, Feel free to ask me.
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