25 October 2017

5 Must-Dos For Effective Social Media Marketing


Business, no matter how tremendously invested in, deemed driven to success and a revolution in the market, cannot last one day without marketing its product. Marketing is one of the most essential and mandatory parts of a product.

A business introduces its produce to the consumers so they may get to know about it. If the consumer does not know about a product, there is no way he is going to buy it. So, how do you introduce a product to consumers? Well, marketing managers use a lot of ways for this. Many of the prominent ways are by flyers, posters, billboards. Some newer forms of marketing are adverts in newspapers, magazines and TVC (Television Commercials). There is so much investment in the marketing field that whole television channels run only from the revenue gathered from advertisements.

Marketing managers always display their products where they can find the most traffic. Marketing started as simple flyers and posters. Then came those large billboards. With the invention of TV (Television), the marketing game changed and TV channels became the center of it. But with the internet and social media, the world is being revolutionized, so are the marketing strategies. Social media marketing has turned out to be the most effective and fastest.

Marketers are flocking to social media, but many are failing. To get it right, some things must be considered and done. We have given below the essential steps in social media marketing.


This is an easy way to market your product. There are a lot of social media influencers which have gathered a huge fan following. Sponsor them (simply put, pay them) to market your product on their social media accounts. These social media stars are loved by their fans and the followers tend to do and buy the things these stars feature. This proves to be an effective marketing strategy, successfully boosting sales.

2. Marketing through Consumers

Marketing is not about hard work; it is about smart work. You need to utilize your every option and in the right way. Consumers when using a product, if they find it satisfactory, most of them suggest it to others, essentially marketing your product. To considerably increase the marketing through consumers, make special offers in which consumers if complied with instructions, can get themselves featured or gain other benefits. Many marketers use this strategy to gain followers on Instagram fast.

For example, if you are selling watches online. Ask customers to post a picture with their watch on their account to enter a lucky draw where they can win amazing prizes. This strategy is extremely useful and increases the product reach considerably.

3. Answers, Answers

Before buying a product, a customer often asks many questions related to it. As he is buying online, he needs satisfaction about the product he is buying. He may also have a few queries about the design and what is he buying.

Be active for important times and answer to each query of each customer. Better, write a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the product, so the buyer does not even have to ask. Customers stay and buy only from those online places which give proper guidance; otherwise, even a large number of traffic is going to give quite less potential customers.

4. No Word over Image

This is one of the most significant things to keep in mind in marketing. Never use words for something which can be described as an image. Images are like shortcuts for a brain. The brain can understand something by using visuals in mere seconds, which would otherwise need a complete paragraph to describe properly.

In social sites, people when going through their news feed, they skip anything which seems uninteresting to them. And paragraphs over paragraphs are liked and read by quite a few. To catch the attention of the social media user, visuals are extremely helpful, and most marketers highly recommend using them.

Display an image of the product you are marketing. If possible, write description also inside the image. This is because many people save pictures and then share with others, so a description written inside an image will stay intact.

Marketing is changing a lot with the changing modern world, and we need to adapt to and learn this changing trend in marketing; otherwise, we may be left behind.

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